Need Airbnb Lawyer to ask questions NYC

Hello all - I’d like to talk to a knowledgeable airbnb lawyer. I’d just need an hour of their time. Of course, I would pay the person for their time as long as they’re knowledgeable and can answer my questions. Can people connect me to the right lawyer? I’m located in NYC.

Are you already an Airbnb Host? This forum is for Hosts to help fellow Hosts.

AFAIK there’s no such things as “an Airbnb lawyer”. You want a lawyer licensed to practice in NY/NYC who is familiar with NYC real estate. property management, and housing law.

Your question(s) may or may not be specific to New York City. If you ask your question(s) here, we may be able to help sort you out before you go spending money better used elsewhere.

Yes, i’m a host in search of help from fellow hosts.
I’m wondering if a fellow host has a good connection to someone who knows NYC real estate and hopefully has particular familiarity with airbnb and the laws associated.
I specified that I’m in NYC since my questions me specific to NYC. Specific questions center around how to operate a legal airbnb in NYC.

Is it completely 100% legal to operate an airbnb if there is a permanent resident of one of the rooms but 3 other rooms are being rented out as a single listing on airbnb? I want to know if I should continue to operate my airbnb or not. I do not want to deal with fines, summons etc.

call your local planning department. It will save you from paying an attorney.
they will give you all the answers

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whats a planning department?

zoning and planning from your local govt

thank you. i’ll try!

But I wouldn’t identify yourself, or your location . . . just in case.

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Hi - Thanks for tagging me… there are a few lawyers that have become experts in the situation that is happening in NY. Please note that a bill just became law where all our of information will be provided to the city at the beginning of the year. Regardless if you’re legal or not.

In addition, the city created the environmental control board and they can visit your home even if you’re home sharing.

I did a podcast episode about the situation in NY:

The Sharing Economy is Here to Stay… Embrace It

In the post, you can find some resources of organizations specifically The HSAA and they have monthly meetings where lawyers, etc are present.

Let me know if you need more help.

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Check out this youtube video from a meetup last year.

Has the name of the lawyer that is very knowledgable about airbnb situations.