Need a number for technical support. Customer Service not helping

We have been getting complaints by our guests that they can’t reach us through the AirBnB platform…three of them. When Kay from Costa Rica tried to post a review for us, she contacted us outside of AirBnB to say she couldn’t post a review and that it went on HER account! I have been trying to get some traction with Customer Service and I just get boilerplate responses. It seems to me that these guys are just ticking off Incident Numbers and the gears are not engaging at all to be able to get to the heart of the matter. One of my last communications from Ryan at AirBnB was the following and I quote:“Just to update you regarding the review that Kay had, We can assure you that she was able to leave a review for you, although she was not able to completely put anything to that review.” Do you understand? This was the Review that would made us a Super Host too! Does anyone know a number other than the main number to find someone Stateside that can really look into it? Thanks in advance!

We can’t really help you. We’re a host forum. Not affiliated with Airbnb.

Ask her to try different methods. Has she tried to use Airbnb’s web page with different computers/platform/ISPs, as well as the Airbnb app? Sometimes ISPs, in particular, can do wacky blocking things.

A guest some time ago said that he couldn’t leave a message via the Airbnb web page, but could via the app. Which is screwy, I know. But maybe worth trying. It’s nice that your guest cared enough to contact you. My guest didn’t tell me any of this till I contacted him to remind him to leave a review. (In this particular case, he’d been here for a rather longer than average time, so his review seemed more than averagely important.) And I think in his case, it was something to do with his listed location. Here is what he wrote:

I tried multiple times to review but the website kept thinking I was in the West. So it wouldn’t even acknowledge I stayed at yours. ANYWAY, I just had the idea to try on my phone and it worked.

However, I’m not sure what you mean by

What does “went on HER account” mean?

I thought someone would have had a similar problem and have a number for technical support. Was I way off in my post? Is this just strictly for hosting issues?

There isn’t a number for technical support.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Thank-you so much. This makes a lot of sense to me, as I have been having intermittent communication problems when I use texting, the app and my computer. Also, Kay was in Costa Rica where she lives and this might be part of the problem too. I am going to try to use just one device, like my desktop for a while and see if this helps. I am also based on the good advice of you all here, will ask to be transferred to a supervisor next week when I call Customer Service. Most appreciative! I am not sure specifically where Kay found the review she wrote for me appeared but it was on her account. I am going to contact her next week and really try to get very concrete and specific.