Nashville Tn - question about Airbnb

Hi, I hope this is ok to post here. I have never used Airbnb and to be honest, never heard of it until the other day. I run a support group for terminally ill children and we have a little girl in our group who wants to attend an event in Nashville. It’s a one day event and due to the financial burden of her medical care, her parents are unable to afford to take her so we are raising money within our group to try and send her to this event. We are a small group with limited capabilities, so we are only going to be able to afford one night for this family in an inexpensive lodging option so one of our members suggested Airbnb. The problem is, I’m confused with the site so not having much luck. When I Search, there are plenty of options but when I place it for one night, they all go away. Does Airbnb rent one night rentals or is there a 2 or three night minimum only? The event is early in the morning and they will be arriving late the evening before the event so they are only going to be needing lodging for sleep (literally 5-7 hours if that) and to clean up (no cooking or anything) so is there a better option? This little girl has terminal mito disease so wherever they stay must be very clean but all the chain hotels that are known to be clean are out of our price range and I’m so weary of unknown hotels due to cleanliness because of her disease and of coaurse safety since the family is unfamilar with the area. Does anyone have answers or suggestions that may help? Thank you

So sorry for this sad story but to help you hosts can have a minimum stay and many require a two or three night stay. That’s why the listings are fewer when you only want one night. You can put in a longer stay to get the extra listings and then explain your situation to the host through an inquiry and if the host wants to they can make you a special offer. God bless for your kindness.

Ps: I am not in Nashville or I would help out and book them.

Also, if you are browsing and then you put in a search for dates, those dates may not be available. I don’t know when you are booking but it is high season and many places are probably booked in a tourist destination like Nashville.

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Each owner chooses their minimum stay requirements. If the event is on a weekend, you may have even more difficulty finding a place that rents for one night.

The parents may need to create their own account before booking the property. This entails submitting certain verifications. If they have not done this, then they should do it now.

If the daugher needs a very clean place due to her disease - be sure to read the entire listing description to see if they will be renting a room with a shared bathroom. In this case, it is best to be very clear with the host and just ask before making the reservation. Read everything…double check the cancellation policy, etc. She may need a place that has a room with a private bathroom.

Thank you all so much for replying and being so helpful…I understand much better now. This was driving me nuts. I also appreciate the kind words. This little girl holds a very special place in our hearts as she has outlived this disease by several years and is the only child to ever surpass the statistical mortality age with Complex I, so I’m determined to figure this out. I truly appreciate the help so much!

I have went back to the site and unfortunately, can find nothing for next Wed with a single night but I’m not giving up. May I ask one more question? Does new listing come in often? Basically, is it worth checking in over the next few days?

Thanks again folks for all the help and kind words

Are you sure you cannot find anything for next Wed night for one night? Are you entering in the correct dates? Clear all the filters in case you have some odd search filter checked off. I see plenty of places for one night next Wed.

Does the family need to be in a particular section of Nashville? Will they have their own transportation? How many beds do they need? With a private room it is likely there will only be one bed. Are they looking to rent an entire apt.?

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This place is right outside of Nashville. So depending on which direction the parents will be driving to return home - this may be on the way to the event:

2 bedrooms, very clean - total for 3 guests with $10 Airbnb service fee is $89. Small stocked fridge with goodies, coffee maker and supplies, printer, wifi, swimming pool, large bathroom, duck pond in the backyard. Hosts seem extremely nice. Great reviews.