Nanny Cam -- for my dog :-)

I see on the Airbnb rules that I need to disclose in my listing that I have a surveillance device in my living room… I got this great doggie cam for Christmas, not only can I check on my dog while I’m at work but I can also deliver treats to her remotely! How would you explain this without deterring visitors? It’s not like it’s on all day, I have to open the app – it can also send and hear audio, as well as take pictures and record videos. My dog hates it so far, lol, note that she is as far away from it as possible in this pic!


Just disclose it and maybe include this picture in your listing so they see what your view is. It has an advantage of showing the front door so you can tell who and when are coming and going.

I don’t think you have any control over this but I don’t think it would be much of a deterrent. They expect they are going to be seen by you, or visitors to your home. I wouldn’t want to rent an entire place where the owner could spy on me in the kitchen or living room remotely.

Oh thanks, I didn’t think of that… I’ll have to get a better pic though! :grin:

I would love one of these to check on my doggie while I’m at work and if there are any sneaky guests in my room! and one in my son’s room to see if he really has got out of bed & done his jobs lol

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