My Tip For Great Reviews.....The Guest Wall

Just started my Suburban Detroit airbnb in February. Out of 63 stays 43 have reviewed. 51 have signed the wall. I think this little bit of interaction is a great way to help make my guests experience a memorable one.


Cool. We’ve had people put stars on the map of where they are from, but the map is pretty full. We are getting ready to do some construction so I could see us making a wall for this. Thanks for the idea!

What do you use for a surface? It is just paint Are those Sharpies (permanent markers)?


I have the WiFi password on a chalkboard in the kitchen, and one day a guest took it upon themselves to sign it with a thank you note. I left it there, and now I’d say about a third of guests do the same (I just erase the oldest or least-fun one whenever it gets full). Seems to be popular, not to mention a nice feeling when they draw a picture :slight_smile:

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This is a cute idea. I’ve had 169 unique guests complete 178 reservations (I’ve had repeats). 148 reviews, 97% 5 star. I have a guest book that I ask them to sign. I’m on my second book and I saved the first one in case anyone becomes famous and I can sell their autograph on ebay. LOL.


I have little notes from various pieces of paper all over one side of my refrigerator, but I really like the “Guest Wall” idea, as well as the Guest Book that @KKC offers.
So, I have a question for you @justteesin, where exactly is this 'guest wall" in your home? I’m looking around my house and can’t really find a suitable place.
Plus, I’m thinking I’d want mine to be a slightly bit fancier, lined with scrapbooking paper or something.

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Yep just eggshell paint and sharpies.

Its at the end of a very short hall at the top of the stairs, It is a natural spot it can only be seen from the hall. I think the idea in part jelled from the location. I am working on preparing the 1st floor to rent and finding a good spot for my guest wall will definitely be more of a challenge.

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The back of the front/exit door?

When we started our Airbnb and VRBO we placed a “composition” notebook in our apartment as our guest book and almost everyone has signed it, drawn in it, left sticky notes in and my guests (and our children) love reading the comments. In fact, one guest’s daughter took it with them by mistake, thought it was her school notebook, and they sent it back by express mail thinking it was very important. Anyway we are about to get a new book since the first one is almost full.


Hi DCmooney,
I remember you mentioning this before and I actually got a free world map recently from a giftbag. Thanks for the good idea - I’m going to put it up in the Airbnb living room, maybe with push pins if I can find a cork backing.

Yay! Or use little star stickers - if they fall off they won’t poke into someone’s bare foot…(we once had exactly what you are describing, so I speak from experience.

Though the problem with the stickers is that they cover up the names, and take up a bit of room. Germany and France are now totally covered with stickers…


I love it! I do kind of the same, but with big canvases that I buy online, I try to get 6’x4’ ones. I have a collection of about 20 now, all full of cool drawings, etc. One day I’m going to do an exhibit of all of them :slight_smile:

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Some excellent ideas here. Though these days most reviews are on line, the traditional written reviews are always well read in any establishment. We have a similar concept to what others on the thread have written about. Ours is a blank white canvas bought from the local reject or dollar shop. Just a few dollars. Then staple some velcro on the back which goes onto a receiving velcro strip on the fridge. Various colour highlighters on the fridge top. The guests just “tear” it off the fridge, write their comment and “stick” it back on the fridge. (You can see these tabs at the top of the canvas itself). Once the entire canvas is full, we can use this as “artwork” elsewhere in the cottage.


When I’m traveling, I like reading comments in guestbooks but I’m not sure about guest handwriting as decor. I saw this in a restaurant a few months ago and thought it was a great idea – what DCmooney does! Although the one I saw was smaller than this but I guess the smaller the scale, the less specificity/space.

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I love both these ideas thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

I have a Guest Book in the guest’s room with a note: Please write a few words before you leave.
I’m a new host but so far all my guests have left a small review and expressed their gratitude for sharing my home!
I don’t know how sincere they were, but I appreciate them taking their time and writing a few words! :smile:


When you paint over it be sure to you a high-adhesion stain blocking primer or you will find that the sharpies bleed through.


What a cool idea! I love the wall idea but wouldn’t like to try to have to get marks covered when wanting to redecorate.

ha - just what I was commenting on. I’ve found red to be especially bothersome.

great idea, @Clyde! …