My star rating went down because guest complained they didn't get Airbnb notifications

I have had all 5 stars for the past year and a half, except 2 4 stars and this is my third 4 star.

the reason being because of communication. They said

“Sometimes didn’t get notifications from air b&b”

how is this my fault can I complain to Airbnb

Now my star rating is 4.9 :frowning:

4.9 will not hurt your Superhost status.


It does seem a little unfair, though.


It won’t be the first time you get blamed for something Air does. And it won’t be the last! :laughing:


It REALLY doesn’t matter. You’re doing amazing overall. Did you contact Air about it? If so, what did they say?

Yeah I wouldn’t mind just for the fact they gave me 4 stars because they didn’t get notifications. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

Do you think I should pm the guest and be like “so sorry you were didsapointed in communication, just so you know it is out of my control wether you get airbnb notifications, you should contact airbnb and ask how to set up your phone so it receives them” or something like that. JUST to point out it wasn’t my fault

Personally, I would mention this in the comment to their review.

If they will Google Turn On Notification for Airbnb they will find how to do so. I’d still contact Airbnb for that.

My ratings went down mysteriously when for some reason, Google maps started sending guests and car service drivers to the skanky alley behind our house. Some were understandably set off on a terrible experience that had nothing to do with me. AirBnb couldn’t fix it, but contact with Google maps generated an eventual correction.