My Second Airbnb Nightmare

Had it before then had it again. Same theme- it’s 6’oclock at night and I haven’t even started cleaning yet. As a small side gig, I’m surprise by these dreams. Others having these nightmares?


Yup. It is on rotation with “missing the bus”, “onstage but do not know my lines”, and “realize I have no clothes on”.


Lol, the no clothes nightmare, it’s been a while

My stress nightmare was waiting tables, which I did to put myself through college. All ten of my tables get seated at the same time. All of them are yelling for service at the same time, and I just can’t figure out which table to serve first.
Then I realize I’m not wearing clothes - oops, that’s a different nightmare


Sitting an exam this afternoon (how long was it since I was in school?!) and haven’t been to class for the past year. And it’s always Latin …

@JaneB, I’ll add to your nightmare … it’s 6 o’clock, you haven’t started cleaning AND then 2 sets of guests turn up because you’ve double-booked …


I’ve had those academic nightmares…getting ready for a final and realizing I hadn’t cracked a book in 2 months. It’s usually physics


Same here, but it’s Calculus. :disappointed_relieved:

Did that in real life! Microbiology! The professor said to go ahead and take the test and we would see. I got a “B” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s awesome! I too have a “real life” physics story, but it’s TMI for this site :laughing: