My "Save to Wish List" count never changes

I noticed that my “Save to Wish List” number is always the same since long ago. At first I thought I was unlucky that no one else was saving my listing to their favorite list but then I started to worry if something wasn´t working here. So I created a test user to self- save my pwn listing and see how it goes. For my surprise the number added up “1” but then 5 minutes later it went back to the orginal count. I tested again with another test user and the same happened. So I’m stuck with that number.

Have any of you notice the same problem in your listing?

How important is that number to you?

Number of saves is one of the algorithms Airbnb uses when decided on your search rankings. I myself have saved all my properties, I have asked all my friends who have Airbnb accounts, and sometimes even asks guests to. I would call support and mention the issue, they are very good about investigating glitches like that.

Maybe they will start selling locations in the search listings like the other major site…

Exactly, that number plays an important role in the search algorithm. I haven´t been lucky when reaching support for this kind of things. They start bouncing my emails and I never get a proper answer. I will try again to see what it happens

I couldn’t see my saves until this week and whoa what a surprise for me! I have also started noticing it for the Miami area and those folks that have been around for a while have more saves as well.

I have made a more intensive self-test yesterday and what I saw that Airbnb is freezing the wish list count for some hostsl. When I clicked on the “Save” button the number increased by one,but the next day it was taken back to the previous count. I would though that other user could have delisted my apt so this could be a simple coincidence but this was the case of 20 of 30 listings I used in my test cases. The other 10 listings didn´t suffer any issue but note that I have included them on purpuse because what they all have in common is that they are new hosts or they have a few little savings. I have a strong feeling that Airbnb is favoring new hosts against old ones because I clearly see this on the serach ranking however I would never though that it will take this to a point on which they will start manipulating the wish lists savings. It looks very bad :frowning: