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My reservation got cancelled

My host contacted me yesterday and told me that he wants me to cancel the reservation as his landlord does not allow him to rent the apartment. Knowing we will lose our refund if we cancel on our end, we refused and told him to cancel. We have contacted airbnb helpline but it doesn’t seem to help much. They said they can’t do anything if the host does not cancel from his end. This is the 1st time I’ve met with this issue. Am utterly disappointed. Hotels, other airbnb places are getting booked up and we are left with expensive choices and the case manager still did not get back to us! We are flying off on 30th Apr and I do not want to make anymore unnecessary phone calls cause the discount they give is not even enough to cover up my phone bills. I there anyone who can help with this issue? Am seriously contemplating cab I trust airbnb in the future? Really regret recommending it to my friends!

He needs to cancel and you need to clearly state that in Airbnb messages and I’m afraid you will have to keep calling airbnb

Yes, you can trust Airbnb in the future. But you need to ensure that the places you book are legitimate. Unfortunately there are too many people trying to leap onto the bandwagon to make quick money. Hopefully these rogue hosts are being weeded out. Did you report the host?

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