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My recent guests featured my place in their blog!

Check it out: http://cooladventures.com/airbnb-vs-hotels-which-is-really-better/

Guess I will finally put in my combo washer/dryer …


Bravo!!! Looking fabulous Sandy! So jelly of your kitchen!!!

Thank you! However, I am never doing tile like that, again. It was a nightmare!

You mean the backsplash?

That’s amazing, @sandy2! Congrats!

Can you contact the blogger and set her right on the deposit? It’s not taken until someone makes a claim, and she makes it sound as if it is.

Great job - doing us proud!!

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Yes. I did all the tile in the house. The upstairs bath took me three weeks to tile!

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Yes, the deposit thing is weird because I also have a damage “deposit” – but mine is $250.

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Wow! Now @jaquo can add you to her running list of places of note! I actually like a few of her pictures more than the ones you have on AirBNB. Is this person willing to share?

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I’ll ask her. She and her husband are professional photographers and travel the world. Their son lives in Boulder. I asked Kim why she chose my place and she said it was because of the photographs (!), most of which I took with my cell phone. Go figure.

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@sandy2 Terrific!! You did such an amazing job on your place. I have the glass tiles as a backsplash in the kitchen and over the bathroom vanity area as well but they are placed horizontally ~ colors are brown, tan, bronze, gold and cream(?) Definitely a focal point.

What I absolutely love are your cabinets, drawers and pulls!

I want-I want!

Thank you, SandyToes!

Congratulations! Did the blogger contact you beforehand to exchange a story? Or did she offer to do this after her stay?

Please keep us posted if your bookings seem to increase because of the traffic through her site.

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I love the place and would like to write about it on my site. Did the current article link to the listing? I couldn’t find the link if she did.

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That’s really cool. She forgot to (add verbiage) :slight_smile:

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@cabinhost Kim asked me if I would mind if she featured my place for her blog when I met her upon arrival. I’m pretty confident that my place is worth the price so I said – absolutely she could (and then I kept my fingers crossed that she could be kind).

@jaquo No link but I figure if one of her “followers” are specifically coming to Boulder, they could simply ask her for the link. Except for the summer (and even then), very, very few of my guests are here for a only a vacation. Most are here to visit their child who is attending either CU or Naropa (Kim and Greg’s adult son is going to school, here), others come to visit a friend who lives here or attend a wedding, I have some business travelers, I get lots of weekenders here to watch a CU football game, and I get a number of guests who are here to scope out the area for relocation (which often ends in sticker shock). I think you need a little break and should come out for a visit and write about my small townhouse!

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Excellent! Nice article and pics. And yes they need to edit out the “add verbiage” that superhostnyc noted.

I have an off topic comment. The refrigerator sticking out into the space really bugs me. It bugs me at my house too but luckily my refrigerator is at the end of my kitchen next to the wall instead of between two cabinets. I know counter depth refrigerators are much more expensive but could you recess the refrigerator by “carving out” the wall behind it. Mine backs up to the garage and when I have my garage remodeled in the future I think I’m going to pay the extra to have the bump out for the fridge. Does that make sense?

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superb! way to go, Sandy!!

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I’d be backing into my neighbor’s unit, so no …

Ah! I didn’t realize there were shared walls. I’ll be interested to see if you get any hits from the blog.

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Really interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

I think the author has misunderstood about the deposit so it would be good if someone put her straight as the deposit isn’t paid up front.

I agree with the author’s comments about the checking in process and dealing with the host. I just booked my husband into a property in the town where he often goes for work. Great place, clean, nicely done with lots of thoughtful touches - BUT - the hostess lingered during the check-in process, keen to chat and engage, which at the end of a long day of meetings was tiring. He came home and said, ‘great place, but I don’t think I could deal with that every time I arrive and leave.’

And on top of that I just had a guest check out of my place. I only saw them at check-in and only for 2 minutes. They presented me with a present and said ‘thanks for everything’ I laughed and said well considering I’ve barely seen you for the past few days ‘everything’ was very easy. He then said 'well yes, but that’s what we mean. Thanks for leaving us alone to enjoy our time here.

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