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My property isnt showing up in users search... any advice?


Of course I have called airbnb and they are trying to fix it but i am getting different answers.
Is is a reasonable assumption that users should be able to find your property by typing in
A) City or B) Neighborhood name or Zip C) BY the map ???

It used to be fine then I noticed no inquiries and figured there is a glitch.
Airbnb accept there is something wrong but dont want to accept any $ responsability
for their dysfunction.

My properties are in Hollywood Los Angeles . the airbnb contact said as I have the address listed as Los Angeles it doesnt come up as Hollywood. I have to choose Hollywood or Los Angeles.
That makes no sense to me. Hollywood is a neighborhood within Los Angeles.

It should also discovered by looking on the map shouldnt it.

Anybody got any advice on this one?


Make sure you don’t have any blocked dates within your search.

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