My price idea, what do you think?


I was thinking to have the following patern for our listing. The % are still an idea

Base price low season.X
Friday price: X +10%
Saturday price: X+ 25%

Small Event : X+15%
Medium Event :X+30%
Large Event: X+100%
Medium Season (like mai -juni) ; X+15%
High season 01 july -15 July, 15 july -31 augusti : X+25%
Very High Season: 15 July -15 Augusti :X+50%

I will cumute the season effect with the week end effect.
What do you think of this kind of idea to make it a little be easier to make planning?

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Just be sure that your prices in high and very high season not get to high, compared to other listings in the area.

Myself I prefer just to have a flat rate. I may perhaps make less money, but it safes me for a lot of work, and also my guest keep telling me that they liked that the price search (without dates) gave a realistic price. Some guests are getting really annoyed when they find a place for 100 dollars, and when they will book it costs double. So they just go and book another place…

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The others listings in the area are usually either get one price, same all year, or +10% for summer or are following the smart price of air bnb. In the high season people, it’s getting usually everything booked.

Of course this idea of pricing will be adapted depending how I see the occupancy the month after-

Thanks for your comment

We have had great success with Beyond Pricing …

For 1% of revenue, they adjust your average room rate for seasonality, day of week, supply / demand anomalies (which they define as special events). Importantly, they discount in-week pricing to fill unreserved nights. Just like hotels and airlines.


Problem that beyond pricing is not available for our city…

I’d keep the pricing to three different levels perhaps, not more

I have guests which return every 2-3 months and they want to know what’s the price for medium and high season. So I tell them the three different prices and they decide when to come. With too many pricing variations - it would be difficult to explain.

I will soon have a website so clients will be able to book directly (and get corresponding price). We are still new so I don’t know yet about returning clients

Yes susanne, i’ve experienced similar for the auto pricing or speculative pricing on seasonal or recommended pricing that is the auto feature. we used it, and we did have guests that complained that it was not the listing price. that the seasonal rate is not displayed with the listing price that is current for the dates they choose. and that the guest felt it was deceptive not on airbnb’s level but on the host level. i felt that it was unfair to place it on the host but as a consequence - the guest does. we’ve had two potential bookings fail because of it.

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I had some dates blocked in july for friends and released them. After several days, I received an 11 day booking for $1500 & it occurred to me that many places probably didn’t have 11 straight days avail in their calendars so I got a pretty good booking. There are so many factors to take into account when it comes to calendars & pricing. I was wondering if I should do a 4 night minimum but May has been booked back to back with short 2-3 day visits & I only had 3 vacant days the entire month. Or should I just raise my rates and have lower occupancy but make up for it in revenue & lower ratings? It


Had they entered the dates?

We are experimenting with a 4 night min bc we were also bookes non stop with only weekenders. We are currenty booked through Sept, so my experiment has no data yet.