My Pet Peeve - Location

Ok, here it is:

One of the stars is for Location.

My location is not good for people who are touring certain areas nearby. When accommodations are full in the area they want, they book with me out of desperation. However, when the stars are given out they forget how desperate they were not to have to sleep on the street and knock off a star for Location.

Any thoughts on this? (Other criticisms I can fix but it’s not like I can move my house.)

My location rating is the lowest of all my ratings. I live in Los Angeles, CA. People who don’t live here can’t wrap their heads around how sprawled it is. Although I am located very close to two of the major freeways and pretty much in the middle of the tourist attractions most guests want to see; I still get dinged for not being closer to whatever the guest wanted to visit. There’s nothing we can do about the location rating, so I try not to worry about it.

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Don’t feel too bad. I frequently get cracked on location. I’m in a beautiful rural area in Hawaii with incredible sunsets and one minute from a secluded bay with outstanding snorkeling. Yet… guests complain because it is not near town. Starbux etc.

That’s disclosed a million different ways in my listing and I still get smacked for ilocation. I hate that metric.

One such sunset: