My new favorite $20 vacuum!

Ok I was in love with the cordless Deik for 2 yrs. now the wheels are not so smooth and the light goes on and off sooooo I went to Walmart and was determined not to spend a lot of money. I found this little floor vac for $20 it’s a Bissell. I took it home and tried it out and I was very pleasantly surprised it’s my new love! This may not be good if you have a Lotta carpet but I do not have any carpet in my house because I don’t think it’s hygienic. What I really love about it? It doesn’t have a beater bar that was always such a pain in the ass to clean having to cut the hair with the razor and then meticulously pull out the hair. It just has a hole in the bottom and everything goes in the hall and that’s it. It is bagless also. Also you can pull The head off and turn it into a Dustbuster! I already have a good Dustbuster though that I actually paid $70 for. I am amazed at the power of this little hand back it only weighs about 4 pounds which makes it really easy to move around. I use it in my 500 square-foot Airbnb and also in the main house which is 2000 ft.². The downside is that it does have a cord But that’s OK because it has plenty of power and it’s super cheap. I decided to buy it because I checked reviews and it had outstanding reviews and thousands of them this has made cleaning much easier!

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Thanks for the tip - I have been checking out the lightweight vacs because my 30 year old Kirby is such a pain to haul up and down the stairs!

It’s so light and tiny almost like a broom would take up no room at all you could probably hang it on the wall too I love the fact that it hardly Weighs 4 pounds anything but it’s powerful,It’s about as heavy as a Dustbuster

How about also posting a model nbr for this?


I am in love with my cordless Dyson 8 animal. It is pricey but it’s so easy to use and it cleans everything. I mean, everything, hardwood floors, carpets and upholstery. I am in awe that I lived so long with clunky, silly upright vacuums that were a nightmare to carry up and down and do the stairs.
Honestly, I would marry it if I could.

I bought a cordless Spanish make for certainly more than 20 dollars. It’s ok, but I really am not impressed by the suction. Then we bought a similar one for our Cape Town flat, but with a cord.

Honestly, the difference was night and day, it is noisy but the suction is fantastic, so I am beginning to suspect that, unless you are willing to pay for a Dyson, vacs with a cord (corded? cordful?) win hands down. Anyone else have any views on this?

I don’t know on your specific question but I always feel people are comparing new vacs to old ones. Compare your new (fill in the blank with the brand you bought) to another similar new vac, not to your old dirty worn one, regardless of price. And if you have wall to wall installed carpet, get rid of it.

After vacuuming with your new (fill in the blank) take your rug outside and beat it the way they did 100 years ago. Then make a judgement about your new vac.

Model 2030. It was 21 dollars at Walmart. I have several vacuum cleaners but I find myself always reaching for this one because it only weighs about 4 pounds I don’t want to drag the canister out it’s too bulky this is the one I always end up using the super cheap one. I guarantee you if you buy it you’re going to end up using it a lot just because it’s easy and also this is a great little vacuum cleaner if you’ve got a small child it makes it easy for a child to vacuum,they will volunteer to clean.

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