My money was sent to non-existing PayPal account

I am wondering if anyone has had a similar issue? Can anyone share some experience?

I made a mistake showing the wrong paypal email that airbnb accepted/verified in no time. It had to be not

So the money is sent to non-existing account according to the email I received from airbnb last night. Such gmail address lucky for me does not exist, I tried to email it.

After I realised my mistake I updated the payout details to the correct paypal account last night but the money is supposed to be sent out already. That account now is still pending (and this case it is the right, existing one).

Guy who locked the ticket, advised to contact PayPal. I called them and they confirmed that is a non existing account and at it should not have shown as ready on my airbnb account at all. They cannot find the money anywhere in my accounts or nowhere else as that mistaken account does not exist. So my host fee is floating somewhere in cyberspace.

PayPal gave the ball back saying I have to contact Airbnb to solve this issue as the money might have not left the account of Airbnb at all as it has not reached PayPal.

Airbnb took the info, no one can tell how long it will take or if the money will come to me at all or what is happening. For now it is just a pending ticket and “someone should contact me soon”…

Any thoughts, tips, experiences?

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Hi! I’m having the same problem! Were you able to solve this???