My Listing Not Showing Up

Hi All,
I have had my townhouse listed on Air for just about one year now. Recently I have only had a couple of bookings. I thought maybe it was the Metro shutdown, but now that it is running again, I still have few booking inquiries. I have lowered the price and still nothing. I have even recently changed up the photos and description and I frequently check the listing for little things to update… (seems like Air keeps changing default settings without telling the hosts).
Now I cannot even find my listing! I can find it is I go into the map view, but that’s it. Why???
I don’t know why. I am located in Alexandria, VA. It is not showing up along with the other listings that others have that are super close to mine. Very frustrating. Is it possible it is hidden for some reason? Is it possible to call Air and get them to help me?
This forum has been amazing and invaluable to me as a host. If anyone wants to check out my listing, I can send the link.
Thanks for any thoughts or ideas on this!!

I’d be interested in your link. I can check it out for you and also consider you if my usual choices are full when I spend the night as a pit stop on my east coast seabird travels.

Mary’s House
That should be my listing, although it looks like a long string of nothing now!
It’s a 3 bedroom townhouse.

Gosh, I wouldn’t be looking for a listing as big and expensive as yours. Sorry. I generally stay in a private bedroom for under $40/night. Once stayed at a more expensive separate listing because I had a $100 voucher I couldn’t spilt up and once stayed when near the beach while volunteering and all hotels were full.

The first thing I notice when trying to search for your listing is that there are probably at least 100 different neighborhoods I can filter for. I had not seen that before so was unaware. That makes me think that there is probably so much competition where you are that perhaps you don’t have as high a score or price point as others that do show up. No don’t know how Airbnb filters. I do know that sometimes even my fairly rural/suburban listings don’t show up unless zooming in further as well. I am sorry I cannot be of much help.

It’s beautiful. I noticed you were dinged for value. Maybe you should lower the price a bit, especially if it’s off season.

Do you have instant book with any qualifications for guests? If so, that will prevent the listing from showing up when you search unless you’re logged in and have a profile that qualifies for your listing.

I searched for Oct 1-3, 6 people, Alexandria… It came up top of 5th page. Second search with 4 people came up on 1st page.