My guests were stopped by the police in front of my home

Whatever Ken. I’m sorry I even tried to post this.

Did you even bother to ASK what happened? If no why not???

Just because a car is stopped by the police does not make the occupants some sort of low-life desperate criminals!! I just don’t believe the guests were “bringing the police here…”

Guests, like anyone are considered innocent until proven guilty. Maybe the tail light was out on their rental car. Maybe they were going slow looking for your house number and the cop had an overactive imagination. Maybe they witnessed an accident elsewhere and were being asked to help the police.

Stop over-reacting. Politely find out what happened. Then if the neighbors give you trouble you can tell them the truth not supposition or wild guesses.


Don’t be sorry, you have a legit concern. Nobody wants uninvited attention from police or neighbors.



Most of us get pulled over by the police at some time or another. Guests included. If it was outside the rental, I don’t see what the big problem is. It’s really not any business of the host, is it?

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Neighbors called the cops on one of my ethnically Chinese guests. It scared the crap out of me. I’m not going to relay the story again but I think the point is, people judge when they see cops. They shouldn’t but they do. So if your neighbors are already sensitive about your airbnb you don’t want to give them ammo. A common complaint about Airbnb is that the Airbnb guests are outsiders and basically the wrong kind of people. You know, compared to the meth lab people across the street.


When I was running LTRs, one of the families had DV issues, and also badly harassed the tenant next door. Police were there at least once a week and my property was getting a dreadful reputation and i had neighbours calling me, asking me to manage the tenancy. These tenants were the straw that broke the camels back and pushed me into STR’s. The termination process was very messy as i would not give a good reference and I would not wish them on anyone. It took 7 months to remove them as they pulled every card. Horrible nasty stressful experience and never ever again.

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No I think it was the police being a little over-zealous. They had been stopped at the end of the driveway for a minute and a half, obviously looking for the address and the cop came around the corner and flicked his lights on. I saw the whole thing from multiple angles on my 1080p security cameras so I’m fairly sure there wasn’t any reasonable suspicion that a crime was afoot.

I’m disappointed with the police but also the guests. The guest who checked in was obviously tweaking (I’m professionally trained and certified in drug recognition). All of that is just a little more than I want to have happening at home. I want this to be a quiet place where people can relax and heal. Whoever said its none of my business is correct so I didn’t say anything to the guest about any of it and did check-in as usual. Whether or not its my business though I feel I have a duty to protect my other guests and this property so I have know whats going on here and who is here.

The police were staked out on the end of the block last week as well. They’ve been pulling people over right and left. I guess they just built a new cop shop for the state police as well as county sheriffs so they’re just all over the place apparently. They also just elected a new hot-shot hero type sheriff who’s all about traffic. I’m just sort of intimidated by these guys and I’m afraid if I call and complain that I’ll become the subject of suspicion or investigation. I darn well know better than to go out there at night and ask the sheriff’s deputy to stop bothering my guests.

My neighbor is 93 and he has breakfast every Sunday at McDonalds with the old sheriff. Maybe I could talk to him and ask whats going on.


That a new term for me. What is tweaking?

Guessing OP means tweaking like the often bizarre frantic and usually repeating behavior exhibited by people high on meth. Once you’ve seen iit, you will always recognize it.

Also some people will refer to taking meth as tweaking.

I think a tweeker in my property is very much my business, as it would be with anyone presenting with serious illness. The problem with this illness is that the guest may be out of control, and inviting like “friends”.

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Its a problem yes. Let’s say I had proof of illegal drug use… I’d have to call and ask Airbnb to ask them to leave. So there’d probably be a refund request, bad review and I could possibly lose Superhost status. The guest checked out already and I had no proof of anything like that so far.

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I can’t argue with that, Mexican. But I know that as a fellow host I would want to know if your guest was showing antisocial behaviour. We don’t need a crime lab for that. And nor should Airbnb.

Sure. I’m always honest in the reviews because I feel just like you do. I just feel sort of powerless before the review. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about with the double-blind review system. It tends to look sort of passive-aggressive because we can’t say how we feel during the stay but we can say whatever we want in the review. In the end, I can’t just make more rules and expect to have good guests. It seems like you have to take the good with the bad on Airbnb, especially if you want a high search ranking.

We feel your frustration. At the end of it all you can bust your butt and end up with a passive aggressive review.

My most recent review was negative. Again, just the facts.