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My guests no longer stain my towels and linens..this is what worked for me

They might…and wonder if it is a really good price. Definitely people should shop around as on some sites they’re really expensive. Mine were the 13 X 13 size.

I wish I had access to a Costco but only Sam’s Club. Do you guys in HI get access to any of those???

I know other methods (of providing wipes or black towels labeled makeup) have worked for other hosts. But my guests just seemed to ignore until I implemented all three changes.

The only reason I didn’t go with the black towels labeled “makeup” is because I didn’t want their creams/medications to bleach the color from those.

Let us know if you find your own solution that works :slight_smile:

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Yes, funny you should ask…as we just ate our rotisserie chicken with Kirkland salad, Kirkland cluster tomatoes and Kirkland milk. Car filled with cheap Costco gas…:slight_smile:


wow! I admire your persistence and many thanks for sharing your tips!

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So on time!!! Last 10 check-outs and every single one left nasty make up and blood stains on my brand new expensive towels and bed linens, I’m so angry right now (doing laundry!) and have thrown three towels and a bed sheet. Thanks so much for sharing this, I need to start doing somethings.


ENOUGH! Just washed my nice lilac colored towels and of course one comes out covered in orange stains. I am sick and tired of this. In the last three months I’ve lost two sets of sheets and about 10 towels to the dreaded freaking face cremes and cleaners with bleach in them. I just purchased bleach resistant towels and changed my online and in house policies with the wording suggested from the original poster. I’ve also gone to all white sheets that I can bleach. I am planning on charging guests that ruin sheets and towels.


I feel your pain Laurie_Ann - feel free to use all of the working I provided. Smack those guests over the head with it too. I just cannot imagine that these same guests all have bleached out, stained towels at their own home. Why aren’t they traveling with their makeup remover?

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thanks Cabinhost… I even provide disposable make up remover wipes in their rooms. Seriously. People are born in a barn.

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Laurie - also I have my “house notes” (which is different than my house rules on Air) on lamentated sheets in a brochure holder, along with the departure checklist.

I just received a text from current guests asking for the wifi password. This is three guests in a row who have asked for this. This is all on the house notes doc they assure me that the entire group will read. So instead of just texting the wifi password, I point them to where all the lamenated house notes are. The whole linens/towels expectations is included in these docs.

I will send you a private messagae with my house notes doc. Whenever a guest texts me for the wifi password, it reconfirms for me they read the info long, long ago when they booked. By now they have forgotten expectations of how to treat the towels/linens.


A quick update to confirm cabinhost’s insight that providing make-up wipes in nice containers is often not enough. We just had a family check out and while they were nice and took good care of the house, they wrecked a new batch of towels with makeup. So, next step will be (1) follow cabinhost and get some specific dark colored makeup towels and (2) to put some kind of gently worded, laminated notice that make-up on regular towels may result in additional cleaning fees.

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Soak those new towels in hot water and Oxy Clean before you wash them. The stains might come out.

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I can usually get any stain out( I have a basket of 10 different stain removers) but its the labor it takes to scrub it out and stain removers are not cheap.By the way…om the walkthru I pull out the bathroom draw and show them there are 2 different makeup remover pads to choose from and kleenex and cotton pads(hint hint).They still stain them!Did you ever notice how hair dye gets on your white bath towels?If someone has recently colored their hair(and thats a lot of ladies) many times the residual dye will be left on the towel.If a facecloth has a lot of stains on it;I dont even pretreat it I use as a rag.I only pay $1 for a facecloth from costco;Im not going to spend 1 in stain removers to clean it(plus labor).

I have dark towels. Can’t see stains even if there were any. Lol. I wash them on 90 Celsius anyway. So I would never dream of having white towels.

I had the stained linens replacement statement, then got a negative review with the guest stating she was so afraid she’d ruin my sheets tgat she could’t sleep!! We provide makep remover pads. Helps, but not perfect.

You’re right about the hair dye … I colour my hair and that’s why I travel with one of those small microfibre towels, which are much better for drying hair anyway … wish we could persuade guests to do that!

I have white towels and facecloths and while I provide 2 makeup removers , cotton pads and kleenex, they still use my towels. I have been able to get almost all of the stains out because I have a basket of stain removers and hit it w everything and scrub w toothbrush.Sometimes if a facecloth looks really gross I will throw it out,I only pay a dollar for it and I dont want to waste my time or expensive stain removers to remove a huge stain. But I will work to save a towel as they are usually designer towels, thick and fluffy like Calvin Klein etc…

Hi Nell,

What kind of stained linens replacement statement did you have?

When I used to just use the word “stained” people started to do the laundry to hide them. I changed to using the word “unsalvageable” instead because I only meant stains that would not come out, but still wanted guests to know they needed to be careful to at least try not to stain.

Are you saying you used the exact paragraph above that I said anyone can borrow??? - If so, I am very sorry to hear that and that guest is an idiot. If you have it in your rules, and confirm before booking that guest has read them…then she should have moved on to another property if this was just too much for her to handle. I always tell guests to confirm they have read the house rules, and say once I accept then I am unalbe to cancel. I want them to move on, if respecting someome else’s property is too much to ask.

Care to share what that part of her review said?? If she is clean before going to bed, and not drinking koolaid during the middle of the night…the only think I can think of is she was on her period and worried about bleeding on the sheets. And if that’s the case…then the respectful thing for her to do would be to put a piece of her own clothing or something underneath that area.

Just found this thread – I needed this! I buy JC Penney’s quick dry towels and washcloths – kind of pricey but super soft and clean well with bleach – EXCEPT for eye make-up. BTW, they are the best glass cleaning cloths EVER! I use the unsalvageable ones to clean the shower class door and partition plus the mirrors – never any lint or streaks. But, I am now going to supply the “make-up” washcloths. I love this site! So helpful. Thank you!

Also, I buy Target’s high performance sheets. Does anyone have suggestions for sheets? I like the ones I have, especially since they are labeled with tags that say “top/bottom” and “side”. Saves me a lot of time when changing sheets.


This is what I wrote to put on a laminated sheet – to be a little more humorous:

Please help save our linens from an early demise!

Make-up/foundation, face medications/ creams, and tanning products will stain the sheets and towels. I am providing these grey washcloths for make-up removal and for the other products listed, above.

My linens and I thank you for being considerate.


Here is a picture of the basket of Bleachsafe cloths. It’s missing my little lamenated card though:

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