My guests made an awesome video

Can I post a video here?? see below, I got in a link<><>
You will love it, it’s practically pro…

see tiny tiki trailer zone on fb

+We got a new guest coming from Air yeah

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I think so, or at least the link. Is it the “babymoon video?”

Videos can be very powerful. A pro video of my Costa Rica house sold me on it above other comparable rentals.


Yes please post it. I would love to see it :blush:

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Yes, Babymoon video, They were the nicest couple and having a sweet trip away from their 2 boys and Nebraska before the arrival of the 3rd.
see below link.
I am going to get video material from Glamping Hub when their photographer comes to stay for 3 nights in April too.

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Let me know if this works, enjoy. That is our 1 mile driveway. It was windy


There’s another one on Ty Bell facebook live when he scrambled up the rocks and nearly fell, no wonder his wife was on tenterhooks while he was out climbing

see below it is the Glamoing Hub Video. But on You tube it has watermark and a Big Title.