My guests have not shown up!

Yesterday my guests, first time Airbnb users from another country, told me they were driving from Orlando, leaving at about 8:00 pm and were letting me know early because they would not have wifi and without that they can’t message me. I had already told them they could arrive at any time they liked but that if I was very late I wouldn’t go out to greet them. (Airbnb has separate entrance) I expected them around 11:00. By midnight I was a little a little worried. Finally fell asleep at 12:30 am. Woke up and checked at 4:00 am - no car. 5:30 am no car. When I left for work at 6:30, no car and I had heard no sounds from inside the unit, such as water going through the pipes when someone uses the bathroom. They don’t answer texts, they are not on What’s App and Airbnb hasn’t been able to contact them either. so far. I am worried that they had a car accident. I didn’t knock on the door or open it before I left - maybe I should have. They told me they have friends staying in the area. Maybe they are staying with them? Maybe they came by and didn’t like my house? Then the last thought I had, maybe this is an elaborate scheme to burglarize my house? That seems unlikely to me, so I am worried that something happened to them, or that they decided to stay elsewhere and just didn’t tell me. Or they lost their phone?

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You should get security cameras or a Ring doorbell camera so you know if people are coming and going and so you feel less threatened by the idea of a break in.

When I’ve had guests not show up I just message them and wait. There’s nothing else you can do. Once a woman made a reservation same day or day before and then didn’t show. When I finally heard back from her she said she and her son had decided to go a different way on their road trip. I did tell her I was worried they ended up in a ditch in the middle of the night. That seemed to be the first time it occured to her the Airbnb host would care if they showed up or not.

Having foreign guests with no internet or phone service is inconvenient but it’s just like travel in the pre-cell, pre-internet days.


Seems a bit paranoid to think this is an elaborate scheme to burgle you.

You’ve done what you can do. Stop worrying. When/If they show up, DO NOT offer compensation or refunds. They are adults and made a contract with you for X days at Y dollars. Their loss if they didn’t show up.


Paranoid is my middle name. They texted me, they are there, friends have the car. I get very anxious, not ideal for an Airbnb host.


Ring doorbell/motion detector cameras are both cheap AND a paranoid’s best friend. I think you need one yesterday! :wink:


I’ve had to track down a couple of guests over the years:
Young gal didn’t show traveling solo, last message I got from her was she was on the ferry, 6 hour later she didn’t show ( 2 hours late), called the RCMP they found her broken down with in an old Mercedes wagon with $20,000 worth of saddles she was not leaving, she was in a dead cell area…all good sent my X to help out who lives 60km away, she stay with him… they had a great night both from Oregon.
Gal flying in from Northern B.C, didn’t arrive…luckily the number listed was her home number, her husband tracked her down…the flight was detoured due to weather conditions…she forgot or lost her cell phone - arrived a day late.
German couple returning back from a whale watching tour, should have arrived at 10pm, at 2 am I got worried, tracked down the tour guide, his wife dragged him out of bed, he found them; lost, freaked out with a auto broken down.
I suppose it depends where you live, but if your gut feeling is the situation isn’t sitting right, a little follow up for piece of mind never hurts.


Wow Robin! That’s a lot of sleuthing! I finally met my guests this evening and it turns out they got in at 3:00 am. First time Airbnb users & they didn’t read my request to please text me when you get in, no matter what the time. They will next time now that they realize hosts are actually caring people, or at least this one is.


Waiting for guests is the worst! I hear you @Perimaud!
I too have been worried about late arrivals but after some experience I’ve stopped as its an unnecessary stressor and I really don’t care what they do as long as they come by at the planned time.

I always request their arrival details and usually flight number so I can monitor their lateness and coordinate when to be ready at my house and not wait unnecessarily long hours for them.
For that reason I have a check in window from 15:00 to 21:00 so I don’t have the hassle of waiting.
( i don’t have self-check in as an option )

We all learn everyday and so did these guests. I hope they’ll be great guests and hopefully you won’t have to stress about people’s laziness in the future :slight_smile:

Luckily they seem to be otherwise great guests!

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Sorry to say that I’m not :slight_smile:

I’ve had guests disappear from time to time. For example sometimes guests who are staying for ten days disappear for a couple of them. (Usually it’s been a short road trip to the Keys).

Just last week I had a couple booked in for seven days. For the first four, I saw them around quite often and their car was parked right outside overnight and from time to time during the day. After that. nothing. No messages, no sightings, no car.

Also no response on check out day to my messages. So I went in at check out time to do the turnover. The place was left in good shape and there was a $10 tip. I still don’t know what happened but I just thought that it’s not my business and put the $10 towards that night’s Indian takeaway :slight_smile:


Most are really great guests. Even those who don’t always read the listing. Glad to hear :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that they arrived safely. I don’t stress about arrivals anymore…if they don’t show up or leave early. Long term stays after 3 days I contact Airbnb and start the process of cancelling the reservation.

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I find the best thing is to say “Text me if you have any problems”. That way if they don’t text you you can assume everything is okay and go to sleep.


Whales? Where do you live?

Canada, Northern Vancouver Island.Emoji

Must be awesome to see!

Why cancel if a guest does not show up? Seems like throwing money away to me.