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My guest recommendation went from 100% to "more than 95%" but my last guest left a 5-star review?

If you look at your listing and see the reviews you’ll see the percentage of guests who recommend your place. I was at 100% but after this last guest it dropped down to “more than 95%” but the last guest left a stellar review. Possibly he clicked the “thumbs down” by mistake? If that was the case, this person is brand new to AirBnB so maybe it was in error, unless something changed in the AirBnB review system (other than the reviews not being in chronological order, which I noticed for a while)

They’re probably still working out how they will round.

I just noticed this new thing with them, one guest gave us a 4 star overall and a few guest gave us 4 stars because of location. SO I make sure to let them know we are not south beach.

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Mine went from 100% to “over 95% of guests recommend…” I didn’t have any new reviews and I haven’t hosted enough yet that a thumbs down would only measure to 5%. So… bug? Imprecision? Who knows!

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Wait until they start having us self-review for each stay and have us make a list of goals for things we could do better.


I have checked listings in my area and they either have the “over 95%” thing or no mention at all…

With the number of reviews I have (11, I am a newbie host), it could only be 100% or 91% or lower.
It looks like it’s kind of a label like the “it’s a rare find” label, a quality seal that would appear on listings recommended by 95 to 100% of guests.

I emailed them and said I didn’t like it and it was immediately removed. What a meaningless metric!

They claimed no one but the host can see it! What is it wi these weird things they are doing? Such as not listing reviews in order?

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