My guest read the entire listing info!

In my listing, under Other Things To Note, the first thing mentioned, in CAPITAL LETTERS is that due to the shared nature of the home, for guests to confirm that they are vaccinated for Covid when sending a request or inquiry.

Not one guest has done that, I have always had to ask, and some said, Oh, I didn’t see that. Most have then said yes, they are, some have said no. One said he hadn’t been vaxed, but that he was “healthy”- unclear on the concept.

Well today I just got a request that actually confirmed that he is triple vaxed without me having to ask. Hallelujah! I told him he gets extra brownie points for that and that I love guests who actually read the all the listing info.

Oh, and no “awaiting payment” on this one. Got confirmed immediately upon accepting.


haha, had the same thing yesterday, I have an easter egg in mine, and he responded with it. and then wrote "did I pass the test? :wink: " I responded with, "haha, amazing, you’re in the top 5% of guests already! :smile: "


I plan to mention when I write his review that he gets a shout-out for being the only guest to pay attention to my question. Maybe that will make some impression on prospective guests reading my reviews. One can only hope.


When the guest copy paste my easter egg and provides answers to all my questions in his first message, I always want to reply with " ooooh… I already love you :smiley: "

Muddy… being 3x shot half a year or more back is irrelevant. It is not efficient for so long (if at all).
I know a few people who were vaccinated 3x and got Covid regardless… some of them multiple times.
I’ve never been vaccinated and didn’t got it despite not taking any special preventive measures and being around people as always.

I think you are losing a lot of bookings and earnings for nothing. And besides… even if we get it, it mutated and now it is harmless like an ordinary cold. Nobody even mentions it anymore.
I don’t want to argue, it is your fear and your rule but maybe it’s time to rethink it :slight_smile:

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Everyone needs to do whatever they are comfortable with in their own home. It’s a very complicated with individuals having faith in different reports, different personal risk factors and various home layout factors. It probably isn’t worth taking a booking if it makes one uncomfortable in their own home.

Two booking requests today.

Both didn’t read anything and didn’t respond to my questions before the deadline. They probably think they already booked`

The first one just wrote she will arrive at 2 AM. She is traveling with a kid. (Our check-in is until 7 PM and we don’t host kids)

The second one wrote they will arrive at 10 PM. He has no idea we are charging late check-ins IF we allow them in the first place

And the season just started… God help us :stuck_out_tongue:



If I ran the world, guests who:

Haven’t bothered to fill out any profile info about themselves,

Haven’t yet uploaded ID payment info, and had their payment method verified,

Failed to turn on notifications,

Write one sentence or less in their initial message,

Indicate they haven’t read your house rules, check-in times, or anything else,

would only be able to send Inquiries, not Requests, and if they did slip through the cracks and sent a request, the host would immediately be able to cancel the request without having to decline or have it block your calendar for 24 hours.


@muddy I totally agree :slight_smile:
It would be great if they should fill out the “inquiry form” and couldn’t submit it until all the fields are properly filled :slight_smile:

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Clueless Inquiries don’t really bother me that much, as all we have to do is respond within 24 hrs, then forget it, and they don’t block the calendar. I’d settle for that.

Yes, that’s why the link to inquiries is well hidden and the button for requests is on top. Almost no one sends inquiries anymore, especially not clueless guests

I finally got him to answer, now he is trying to find house rules :smiley: Patience… patience…

I agree that Airbnb wants guests to send requests rather than inquiries.
However, I still get quite a few inquiries.

You are lucky, I am getting requests only, don’t know why.

Btw, the other one withdraws his request after finding out what he missed by not reading in the first place. I am so relieved… :slight_smile:

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I had a request about a year ago saying he and his girlfriend were coming. Five minutes later, before I had had a chance to reply, he withdrew the request saying, Oh, he just noticed that I only accept 1 guest at a time. My listing title says “For Solo Travelers”. :roll_eyes:

How do you miss the title of the listing?

@muddy :smiley: lol
And when you combine such user unfriendly platform, hidden informations and superficial people you get a deadly combination


I was reminded of this thread when I got this inquiry today: “I would like to inquire that my husband and I are two kids, a three-year-old and a five-year-old who have been sleeping in a bed with us all the time and then my parents will come to stay with us on 3.23 or we can bring our own mattress.In this case,” Our listing states that we do not allow children under 7 and have a 2 person max. Granted this was a translated message so I cut them some slack. I politely pointed out that this would not work and wished them luck finding something better suited to their needs.



1800 deaths and 2800 hospitalizations isn’t “harmless.”

The vaccine was never presented as a way to prevent Covid.

What you mean is you don’t want anyone to challenge you on your BS?

We aren’t platforming covid denial here and so your misinformation has been countered and any future posts to the same effect will be removed.


Yes, I find it amusing when people try to “explain” that the vaccine doesn’t prevent people from contracting the virus, as if we are misinformed or ignorant.

Hundreds of people continue to die of Covid every day and it’s still the unvaxed who make up the majority of the serious cases and deaths.

And I know plenty of people who have gotten it, including 2 of my daughters, and it most certainly wasn’t “like a cold”.
Plenty of people suffering with long Covid, with extreme fatigue, organ damage and brain fog.
And according to medical reports, the more times you catch this virus, the more chance of serious complications.

Yes, I was surprised to read from @KKC’s post above that in the U.S. 1,800+ die each week.

Plus we still don’t understand all the consequences of long COVID.

Here’s a very interesting article:

Yes, people want to pretend it isn’t happening, they’re “bored” of hearing about it- “No one’s talking about it anymore”.