My guest left my condo in terrible situation

They left the shower on for 3hrs, The TV was left on in high volume as well as the air condition. They even smoke cigarettes inside the house amd leave the buts on the counter. Left over food and garbage still there. Evrything was out of my house rules. Please help!

Call Air now and open a case. We are not affiliated with Air by the way. You need to call them asap about this serious situation.

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Please give more description of the damage. Did they flood your condo? Does the house smell of cigarette smoke? If they flooded the condo and it smells of cigarette smoke open a claim with Airbnb. You will need to take time/date stamped pictures of the damage and the cigarette butts before you clean the condo so you can send them to Airbnb. I don’t think there’s much you can do about the television. If your house rules limit the temperature/hours of use of the air conditioning you might be able to put in a claim for your increased utility bill. You will need to call Airbnb and ask about that. In any event, please report these guests. They should be banned from Airbnb.


Thanks…really appreciate that…

Thanks…ill do that…