My first ever cancellation

Dear hosts, I need your advise :slight_smile: My listing’s description is very clear :slight_smile:
I have no kitchen. I confirmed booking and got a message: " I am online and see that we are not able to cook. How are we able to eat?" I do not use instant booking and before I confirm a reservation, I make sure that a guests understand what they get. This guest is a host himself :frowning: by the way. I wrote to him that he can cancel his reservation and get a refund in full. The guest backed up and said that he will go out. But… I do not want this guest. I set my Airbnb as a hobby and enjoyment for myself and a little supplemental money. I would like to cancel this guest’s reservation.
I am a super host. Will I loose it? What will be my punishment?
Thank you so much!

I just read your listing and I don’t think it is very clear in regard to being able to cook.
You say no cooking in the room…You don’t say there is no cooking by the guest anywhere and you don’t give any description of where they are able to get food close by.

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What is about my “Amenities” ? Kitchen is not listed there.

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Sorry… reading on a phone … amenities did not come up… I read everything else I could and I didn’t find it clear.
I have been lurking for the last 6 months an a noted theme is that guests don’t read the listing descriptions. I was looking for it and did not find it clear.
I think you need say something like:-
There is no cooking in the room or any access to a kitchen.

If you cancel you lose SH status.

That guest was reading my listing on his phone also and missed that we do not offer a cooking facility.

You know, I like my comfort more then 100$ coupon that I got from Airbnb. I was happy to get a SH’s present and I used it to pay a room at Easter island in Chile. But… I love my comfort, it is a stress for me to expect a guest who is not happy with something in my listing.

We wrote to our guest:

Luke, We called Airbnb. They explained that, if you want an Airbnb with a kitchen, or at least some facilities for cooking, and we don’t have it (which we don’t), you can cancel. You can then get a refund by accessing the Airbnb resolution center. We did that one time previously, and we agreed that the guest would get a full refund. We do not want problems or unhappy guests. We have 5 stars in all categories. Just read our reviews and you will see that we aim to please and have been successful at it. We make every effort to avoid problems with guests by explaining in the Description and House Rules sections of our listing what is and what is not available here, and the listing says No Cooking. I even revised our listing in an effort to make it even clearer than it already was. Please take a look at the listing again, as revised, and feel free to cancel. We will cooperate fully with the Resolution Center so you can get a full refund.

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What if the guest declines again to cancel? You’ll just go ahead and cancel him and take the hit?

@Marina - While it is clear that there is no kitchen or cooking allowed, a number of the guest reviews referred to your breakfasts, snacks and lunches that you have served them. I assume it is not a usual offering so it would be helpful to inform guests where they can get a meal or other items for sustenance.

Addendum: I meant to mention that I made your recipe of Blinchiki a while ago. I cut it down to a fourth recipe…using 1 egg, etc.). It was easy, very much like crepes and tasty with apricot jam and a fresh strawberry puree that I had made for panna cotta.

Hi @Marina,

I’m impressed by all the rave reviews. Now I want to stay at your place too. (I may have said this already; it has a familiar ring.)

FWIW, I would not cancel the guest - I’d let him come. You don’t want to get a cancellation on your record. You’re apparently some kind of B&B enchantress, so I expect you will cast your magic spell over this frustrated wanter-of-kitchens too.


Two pictures describe meals that are provided so I can see where there might be confusion.

As other posters have stated it’s not clear that you don’t have a kitchen. Your listing states that you don’t have a kitchen in the guest room. It does not state that guests will not have access to your kitchen. Also, I believe that all the pots and pans and wineglasses in the photos make it look like guests will be able to cook.

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Thank you for your input, we will make more clear our kitchen situation.
I always give a bottle of wine to my guests :slight_smile: or they bring some wine along.
I am a wine specialist and collector, I always get some nice wines for good prices and present a bottle to my guests. I serve breakfast and it is on my amenity list.
About food… at summer time I have a garden and fix on a spot for my guests just a complimentary salad. If I cook a dinner for us, I offer some to my guests.
Today I offered to my arrived guests a Middle East salad made of eggplants, carrots, white root, cilantro, chick peas, pomegranate seeds olive oil and pomegranate syrup with home made crackers.
I just offer, but I do not promise to cook. If someone is asking about food, I always say that it might happened, but might not.

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You can cancel and choose the option ‘not comfortable’ and there will be no penalties. I did this once for pretty much exactly the same reason. Guest booked knowing full well there is no kitchen access, then asked ‘what about cooking eggs for breakfast?’. I can’t be bothered with that. My listing is what it is and she should have booked elsewhere if her eggs are such a big deal to her. What makes her so special she would be the exception? I’m not on instant book either and still no penalties.

EDIT: it seems this is no longer the case, sorry everyone :pensive:

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It seems to me that the listing was clear, because the guest acknowledges that he is online and sees that he is not able to cook. So it sounds like he just told you he understood the listing, but didn’t read it till later. OR maybe he is trying to hint that he would love some free lunch and dinner…since the reviews are so great…haha! I’m going to lean towards that.

I know you mentioned you just made the listing even clearer, but I saw under the house rules it said “No cooking” and you had the disclaimer in all capital letters that said the place is not for you if you need a kitchen in your room, etc. You do say it is a suite.

Even if you didn’t spell out - “you have no access to our kitchen” - it shouldn’t automatically be assumed that they can use your kitchen.

That’s good to know because I’d definitely gotten the impression that wasnt’ the case.

Just yesterday on the “push for instant book” thread @Stuart Burnett posted this

“Penalty free” cancellations are rapidly becoming a thing of the past!
I was charged a penalty for an IB I cancelled within minutes of receiving the booking. No reason was given and I am now being constantly warned that I am at risk of being suspended. I’m sure that has a major negative impact on my ranking.

As long as you choose the ‘not comfortable’ option that seems to be the case. A little message even popped up before confirming the cancellation telling me that it would be penalty free. So I guess if the message doesn’t pop up don’t hit confirm! I assume ‘penalty-free’ also means you won’t lose super host status, but as I’ve never been one I don’t know for sure

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I’m sorry I agree with @Debthecat it’s really not clear, it’s not in your house rules, you have pictures of wine & food so I would assume I can make & store them somewhere & amenities don’t come up on the app that most people use.

But…your place looks Devine! Why cancel the guests it’s a legitimate query and he’s still happy to come. You will lose your super host status and go down in listings searches and it will show on your review.

I think ‘no cooking’ in the house rules is pretty clear. The only thing I would question is the photo of the vegetarian dinner… do you provide dinner? I would assume so from that photo but that doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere else in the listing.

Beautiful, beautiful space!! I want to visit