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My first bad airbnb dream - anyone else?

Last night I dreamed that my guest was out sightseeing. There was a knock on the door and it was a group of women - I don’t remember how many. They said they were family of my guest and they were coming to stay also. I explained that I couldn’t accommodate them, that I could only take 5 guests. They kept insisting. I kept trying to call the guest to find out what was going on - I never could connect. I was walking around on the phone, and I would find the women doing laundry, eating food, etc., I kept telling them “I only have beds for five…” Meanwhile another group showed up - but they were on the wrong day.

Anyone else ever have such dreams?


Absolutely, I do! Apparently quite recently I was talking in my sleep about guests :slight_smile:

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Did you have a tablet of Melatonin? :slightly_smiling:

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No, lol! I really don’t get it because the guests I had at the time were perfect gentleman, really top-notch guys. I don’t know where it came from!

I have also had bad guest dreams! Just more evidence that Air bnb is work like any other job. I often have dreams of school, classes and students…even though I am a part time sub!

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I used to have waitressing dreams - I’d wake up, sit up straight and scream “I need those salads!” After six years of hosting, I cannot believe that I’ve never had a guest dream. Weird.


I had a dream last night that the Friendly Giant booked my suite. I was SO EXCITED!! It was an awesome warm and fuzzy dream. What’s interesting is that I didn’t strobe on how I was going to fit a giant in there, I was more concerned about what sort of snacks he might like (snort!).

Friendly Giant was a tv show from my childhood (Canadians will know who I’m talking about) lookwaaayup!

that is AWESOME!!!..

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ha! I teach middle school and my bad back-to-school dreams start in early August, every year!

Hahaha…I still have dreams of working in restaurants and being in the weeds! I just can’t seem to get the one order finished and out to the table - the customers are all waiting and I am just stuck with the order I cannot seem to execute…nightmare!

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I had another one last night - a case of double-booking. But the funny thing is there was an Indian woman (a woman from India) who was standing there saying “I’m about to start cooking my meal” and I said “no, it’s 10 pm, you can’t cook at this hour, it’s to loud and the smells are to strong!”.

Bahahaha! The Indian woman wanting to cook…lol.

I had a nightmare early this morning. There are no words to really even explain the craziness about it, with so many things going on.

But there was a house key involved and it was a very important key for me to keep track of - a group of guys were after me in this huge school/office building. My Chinese neighbor from 25 years ago was accompanying me in this scary mission. She was telling me about how she lost her house while we were riding on a bus - I know that part was from reading about Kona’s BOA story…ha! I wonder if the guys who were after me represented an HOA or something.

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When I woke up I had to really fight the urge to get on line and check my 2 booking sites!! I had to keep telling myself it was a dream.

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hehehehehehehehe…thats too funny

So, I was AirBnB dreaming last night.

First one: Heading up to clean after check out to find windows open with fans running in the windows, and then coming up to find trash everywhere.

Second one: Heading up after check-out after repeatedly texting guest and hearing nothing to go and find her DEAD!
Set up: her car hasn’t left the driveway in days, we haven’t seen her in 2, and she hasn’t responded to messages regarding us boosting the wifi strength.

As you can tell, I’m a little concerned about this guest I guess, though she hasn’t actually done anything to worry me other than being critical of our wifi and not showing her face :slight_smile:


Well my ‘nightmares’ about hosting in Airbnb are somewhat different: I dropped off 6 women from Brazil at the island, the boat got loose while doing the walk-through and I was trapped for 3 days with them at the island, it was ‘horrible’.


Bwahaha. Oh, what on earth did you do! :wink:

(Called all the local boating friends and told them NOT to rescue me, when they spot my boat adrift)


Yay, I saw her walking to her car this morning. She’s alive!


I was gonna say! A couple of women from Brazil - sounds like fun!!

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