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My experience with the inability to see guest's photo before reservation




I don’t know @Poppy I don’t work for them :slight_smile: why don’t you give Airbnb a call and ask them why you aren’t receiving their newsletter?


@JamJerrupSunset and I didn’t know there was a newsletter until you told us.


My “newsletter” came the last two months on the 21st. In October it was on the 16th but I also got a “Superhost Insider” newsletter on Oct 25th. The subject line is always different and isn’t always the same sender. If you get lots of emails from Airbnb like I do, it’s easy to miss

Here’s the version from Nov viewed in a browser, let’s see if it works for you to view:


Thanks, I haven’t seen that. I only get the Superhost emails.


Thanks @KKC for sharing it.


But you have time to come here and write patronising answers :thinking:


There is a difference between taking 30 seconds to write a post and trawling through thousands of emails @JamJerrupSunset.

I am not as organised as you and don’t keep airbnb non guest stuff separately.

Frankly I neither have the time nor inclination, as I went to the trouble of finding the Airbnb announcement outlining the change of policy for you both and posted it here, which neither of you acknowledged.


Thank you for sharing this information and I completely agree with you. I also don’t care what race or nationality, gender or sexual preference but I do care about how someone presents themself to me when asking for my trust in using my home. I’ve been burned recently by allowing a scam artist rent my home in Airbnb and persons tickets to 250 people for a pre-planned party in July. Over $7K in damages and ruined reputation with my neighbors. I totally do not trust Airbnb’s ability to protect my interests and vet renters.

I just denied a request yesterday for incomplete profile and no picture and I will continue to do so. This is my home, where I and my children live, it’s not a damn hotel. AirBNB will lose many hosts if they do not protect us more.


You stated you live there. How did this occur if you live there? And this scammer had no picture after booking?


The funny thing is that I’m just the other way around. In England my name is just an ordinary name but just about everyone (in this area anyway of the US) with my (pretty common) last name is of a different race. So although it’s not an ‘ethnic’ name at all, many people here assume before they see me that I’m a different race altogether. It’s caused quite a few comical situations over the years :slight_smile:


I rent my whole house out and this person actually did have a photo. My point was that AirBNB doesn’t require enough from renters to protect hosts. They let him keep his membership active for 3-months after the incident and I was furious because someone else was going to be another victim. Also, I was never allowed to review him which blows my mind. The police were called to my property by neighbors…it was a whole mad scene that AirBNB, in my opinion didn’t handle correctly.


In UK the policiy of no guest photo until booking has been implemented to all hosts now. I have just found out about it when I couldn´t see a guest photo at request time. I don´t remember receiving any warnings or info about it from Airbnb. I am one of those hosts who is not very happy about this. I am a female sharing my home with common areas, I often work from home, and I like to know who is living in my home with me before I accept a booking. I understand the nondiscrimination policy, but I still want to know who´s coming to my home. Airbnb´s response to my complain has not been very helpful, just a robot repetition of their policies. I think this is #Airbnbgreed to make as much money as possible, without caring and respecting hosts, their lives and privacy.
I have taken off my profile photo.


I have seen a good number of listings with no host photo, many successful superhosts have none. It shouldn’t be a problem for you but I’d be very curious to know if you see any noticeable change in number of bookings or type of requests you get without a picture compared to with one. Please return to update us if you notice a change.


I understand your dilemma with this, although I do understand the thinking behind the policy to a greater extent. I think if I was single in my home, I would definitely not use IB, and have a useful set of questions to ask people looking to book, crafted craftily and politely to find out as much as possible about them. It’s surprising how much some people will open up.

But it is difficult.


There are a lot of misses with Air, even in the last week. Mostly I pick them up here. But I anticipate the reveal photo of a pet, child, or a soccer team logo

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