My daughter is getting married, I booked 3 months ago, host just canceled me on B.con!

2 months to the wedding, international guests flying in and the host has just cancelled the 4 bed house!
So I am putting to the test the claim that the host has to find me same or better accommodation at their cost for the balance……the difference is $1500 for the same dates and same size and proximity to the wedding location.
Will be interesting to see if this is true and the host coughs up.
I am appalled at the hosts actions, I got a so sad too bad……
Will keep you posted

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Good luck! I seriously doubt that a host who would cancel your booking is going to cough up an extra $1500 for you to book another place.
What are the supposed penalties for the host on if they don’t do this?

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As a host on b.con- this is the penalty if I want to cancel a guest. You have to convince the guest to cancel, then the penalties don’t apply- and I WON’T cancel.
I have been in contact with B.con, I have chosen the replacement property and now I sit and wait.
I will also be making complaints to the local tourism authority and the real estate licensing people…. You don’t do this to a guest!

B.con has canceled the booking.
I have rung and confirmed that the new booking balance difference will be met by B.con. I also have it in writing.
We will see……

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I’m confused about who chooses the replacement property. If a host finds a property that they think is similar and the cost difference is much lower, how does that battle between you and the host get settled?

This would irritate me to no end because I spend a lot of time picking a perfect property and many times there is no equivalent property. On the other hand, if I am a host and can rent to someone else for more than it’s going to cost me, I might just cancel and offer the replacement property if that’s the only penalty.

Also, congratulations to your daughter.

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@Debthecat What I meant was what is the penalty to the host if they don’t cough up the difference for another place. Do they get that $ deducted from their next bookings, do they get booted off the platform?

The host is supposed to do the leg work and offer something else or B.con steps in.
The B.con supervisor and I scrolled through the available listings for the dates. Location and amenities we looked at, not price.
The dates are during our school holidays so only the less affordable options were available. I chose, he said fine. Now booked.
This policy probably works better for hotels rooms than homes, but I am riding it like a donkey!
This process took hours and I am still furious!
I gather the host is new to the game and this will be a harsh lesson.
I don’t know how they collect the difference, but being booted off the platform is part of the penalty and they have multiple listings.