My check in is after 3 but itinerary says guest will come between 2 and 4

Do the guests decide when they can come when they make a booking? I would have thought that airbnb would not allow them to request a time outside of the host’s check in preference, but in airbnb messages it says:

“James D’s check-in time is: 2PM - 4PM”

Is this arbitrary or a checkbox?

I noticed that for the first time the other day. It’s probably just a check-box. I would message to confirm that you say their estimated arrival time and remind them that your earliest available check-in is at 3. And then when they arrive, ask them in person what their process was on the app/computer and share with us so we all know. :slight_smile:

Not sure aboout Air. But I saw doing this. My check in is not till 4 p.m. And I received a message saying the guest’s ETA before that time. It’s ridiculous to not have something block it and prevent them from selecting an earlier check in. Just one more thing that will start the guest/host relationship off to a bad start.

Air just keeps pushing to put hosts in uncomfortable situations like free infants, free pets, and now this silly check in time.

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Just noticed this new feature the other day. It was useful as the guest was saying it could be 1.00pm or could be 9.00pm depending on what we do. The guest was really nice, and was just explaining everything they might do. Quick message and we confirm 1.00pm,

I too find it extremely useful as long as the sites don’t allow the guest to say they will be arriving before check in time.

or after check in time.

I have a latest check in time of 10 pm, yet Airbnb is offering guests the option to tick the box “check in between 2200 and 2400”. Silly.