My cancellation policy is set to strict

Hello friends, I have been hosting for a few years on multiple platforms. I just recently joined and this is a wonderful resource.

I recently had a guest cancel outside of the timeframe which would offer a full refund but rather 1/2. I’d like to uphold my policy and its on them if they didn’t read the fine print. Of course they have sent airbnb calling me asking to do some type of refund. I have not budged. Why do I feel like I’m being the bad guy.

You are not. There is no point in having a Strict Policy if you’re going to give in to refunds. I do refund if does re-booked more times than not, but that is my choice. I will not be told to do it.


Thank you very much for your response. It does have a probability of getting re-booked but it has not happened yet and the Summer is almost already completely booked.

Because Airbnb intends for you to feel like the bad guy. As far as they’re concerned, guests are minor gods who hosts should always bend over backwards to accommodate. Otherwise they wouldn’t ever contact a host pressuring them to refund in contravention of the cancellation policy.


You shouldn’t. You have a cancellation policy for a reason, don’t you? So stick to it. Of course guests will try to get a refund - I think most people would give it a try. But they knew your cancellation policy when they booked. Or at least, they should have. If they didn’t then it’s their fault for not reading.


You aren’t the bad guy but ABB is happy to try to make you feel like you are. We are under the strict cancellation policy too and have only had a few cancellations but each time ABB has called to ask if we would consider refunding. Drives me absolutely mad.


There is nothing to budget. You are running a business and have a cancellation policy. We are not travel insurance.

Eventually, airbnb will screw you over with an EC, despite their written policies and evidence that supports your side. Hold fast - keep it short and professional.

Here is what we wrote to a guest cancellation 3 weeks ago (strict policy):

We are sorry that you and Ann will not be coming. If you cancel on your end, we will have the option to refund nights that are re-booked.

Please note that we did not commit to providing a refund for re-booked days.