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My cabin's price is showing as 1,000 times what it is


I just updated the price for my cabin to $425/night for a period in July. When I check to see whether it “took” by pretending to book my own place, the total shows over $42,000 for 8 nights. WTF? This is driving me crazy.


Since you can’t let us look at your Admin dashboard I think you have to call Airbnb.


Double check your calendar’s price for each day? I tried it and it’s certainly doing what you said for a booking of over 7 days. Maybe Airbnb can help you. Maybe not. LOL


UGH - I am losing my mind. Also can’t figure out where to set the right tax amount for occupancy. This whole app is very kludgy from the hosting perspective…


That’s set by Airbnb, you can’t adjust that.


Do you have a weekly discount set? My first thought was that you may have added in a decimal or something, and the algorithm is making the weekly rate more instead of less.


This wouldn’t be an algorithm. This is straight math.

An algorithm decides which properties to show a specific potential guest, where in the search results your listing lands, and how little you should charge for your listing.


Apologies. Yes, it would be math. I meant it to mean that I wasn’t sure if it was automatically calculated based on what number you enter (which would be an algorithm), or if it’s smart enough to know that if you entered .15 you mean 15%


If you have a weekly discount, eliminate and try without. Check if anything 7 days plus is affected. I had the same, but showing a number much lower. It went away after a while. My other listings weren’t affected. Promptly got a booking at the crazy price. Airbnb cancelled it for me.


I had a look at your listing and seemed OK, oops no it is not:

$37,553 x 8 nights

Cleaning fee

Service fee

Occupancy Taxes

Total $351,629

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