My bathroom is 'disturbing'

First time Ive had a guest calling the location of my bathroom ‘DISTURBING’!

Part of their review: ‘We felt very at home, except that the bathroom is in the common hall of all the rooms. That was somewhat disturbing’.

Accuracy private feedback.
“The space was accurately depicted, however, our bathroom was located away from our room and required passing the host’s bedroom to get there. This caused my companion some discomfort.”

Seriously? Read the f… listing properly. (Private bathroom for guests just a few feet down the hall. For guests exclusive use only). Words fail me sometime…how bizarre sigh.


People will complain about anything and say the most offensive or weird stuff on their review because they don’t have to say it to your face. I have had almost across the board stellar reviews but a few odd ones. One gentleman suggested that I burn my house down and start again because my house is older and the floors have some very minor creaks in it! He wrote in the review that I was rude for not shaking his hand again after her gave me 'constructive criticism" about my house.


I don’t get it. It is extremely common for homes to have a hall bathroom. In old houses, sometimes that is the only bathroom, and in many houses only the master bedroom has an en suite bath and the rest of the bedrooms share the hall bath.

What did they think you were going to do, hide behind the door of the master and attack them as they fled down the hall? Did they want to traipse down the hallway nude on the way to the bath and your door put off their mojo? Seriously, there are a hundred dumb reasons to be “disturbed” and no good ones at all since you mention this in your listing.


Maybe they sleep in the nude and find it disturbing to have to cover up in the middle of the night to go pee. lol

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How did you respond…? I might have in this case, simply stated, “The location of the bathroom is clearly indicated in the listing.”


You made me laugh, so funny, Theyre just being odd. I knew they were gonna have a negative of something as checking their past reviews they always moaned about some
thing in each host review! However, I never banked on them critizing my guest bathroom location!
We didnt even have our halloween decorations up then!

Exactly K. I responded as usual that bathroom blah blah is as stated in listing. I also sent a private message stating that i thought using the word ’ disturbing’ was a bit bizarre etc. No response off course. :wink:

Jesus christ, we do get them.


I would add to the listing that the bathroom is not inside the bedroom guests and guests would have to leave their bedroom to get there. Probably some guests want to walk naked to the bathroom

It is stated in the listing! Some guests just dont bother reading it:rage:

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I know that many of them don’t read or even if they read they don’t understand. I would write down that the bathroom is for guests exclusive only but the entrance is in a common area. You really have to write thinking your guests are 4 years old. Probably when some guests read your listing remember only the words “private” and "exclusive only"if you add the words “common area” I think they have a better picture

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I figured if you start including everything that you DONT have your listing will be 10 times as long.

Does NOT have a view of the Eiffel Tower
Does NOT have a heated swimming pool
Does NOT have an ensuite in every room
Does NOT have a mind reader on the property
Is NOT suitable for people who have not read the listing…


I have that question from time to time about the bathroom. All my rooms have private bathrooms but not “in” the room. You open one door take two steps and there is your bathroom i tell them. Some choose not to come because of that and i had a couple 2 months ago who checked out the next morning because of the bathroom. I had talked at length about it to her on the phone and she knew it was not in the room but when she came her she was concerned about someone seeing her half naked outside her room in the middle of the night!!!

On the lot next door there is an old trailer and one guest wrote me privately and said that i should do something about it because it disturbed her each time she drove past it leaving my place. I can only imagine that she has bigger problem that the trailer if she let that disturb her.

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One of my home care patients won’t use her own bathroom if anyone other than immediate family is in the house. Then there are people who will never use a public bathroom. One of my patients told me she grew up sharing a bedroom with sisters and each off them changed in the closet. This came up when she told me how difficult and stressful it was to undress for a therapeutic massage. Just goes to show how complex people are. I know my mother would never stay in a house with cats.
Our family is so relaxed re bathrooms, nudity, that it’s hard to imagine people would be upset if someone walked past the bathroom while they were using it.

in my listing there is nothing written, what guests need to know it is in the pictures.

I provide a dressing gown for my guests and use one myself, so neither of us freak out when passing in the hallway on the way to the bathroom.

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This issue of guests not really knowing what they are getting, despite us hosts telling them exactly what they’re getting, seems to crop up often. I hope Airbnb does some much needed work on the website interface so these things are more clear to guests. My bathroom is ensuite, and accurately described and pictured. I’ve had several guests voice happy surprise to find they don’t have to leave their room to get to the bathroom.

There is such a vast array of accommodation types on Air that there really should be more filters so guests can see only the listings that have things that are really important to them. And I wonder if those of us who have more than one bedroom in an owner occupied home will ever be able to accurately list that type of space.

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yeah but i would expect to have to pass the hosts bedroom or visa versa either–

down the hall is fine— mines down the hall-- i have 3 but-- passing their bedroom-- nah i think they are correct

you should have made it clear you walk past-- but they should close their door too-- strange this thread-- tell guests from now on to close their dam bedroom door sheesh

A Chinese couple tolde me that my chest of in the hall way (and old family hairloom) looked like a coffin and was culturally inappropriate … an old - and by old I mean 90 something lady freaked out at me because I did not have a land line and as she did not have a cell phone (some how that was my problem) and as I did not live in the apartment, her husband or she herself might have a heart attack and not be able to call for help and so I had to go and bye a phone … One Asian princess got very upset with me about …well every thing …nothing was good enough for her and I should move my toilet as it was in the wrong place !!!