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My bad guest experience - Just me griping


I’m more than a little unimpressed with a “Super Host” listing that I just tried to book. They do not have IB on. I requested a one night stay for Friday (tomorrow) night for my husband and I. Their calendar showed open and their min stay is 1 night. The host replied back, “Sorry its to short a notice” (her misspelling, not mine.) So instead of declining, she left it pending. I responded, “Well, ok, but your calendar shows open.” Since she left it pending, I had to cancel in order to book somewhere else. As a guest I’m more than a little miffed at her attitude. If the night isn’t available, she should just block her calendar!! Or, maybe she just doesn’t like my husband’s Hispanic looks. Or maybe she doesn’t like middle-age Americans. Or maybe she doesn’t like to host other hosts. Anyway, just me griping. I am not impressed with a Super Host who can’t manage her calendar and can’t spell. And I’m starting to appreciate IB from a guest’s point of view.


Well, I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over a typo. And as I’ve seen hosts on here suggest the best way to deal with an unwanted request is to leave it pending … I’m not suprised at that either.

There are plenty of instant book places, choose one of those :slight_smile:


::snarky voice:: there is a setting for that ::end snarky voice::


Yup, already booked somewhere else with a very cordial and welcoming host.


Maybe a more formal hotel experience would suit you better? Seriously though, unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem worth getting so irritated by this.


Well, I’d be irritated too! Her correct response would be along the lines of “I’m so sorry, we find we’re not able to host you at such short notice. We should have indicated on our calendar and we do hope you find somewhere blah, blah blah …”

I’s have said that … see what a creep I am!


I, too, would be irritated. When I am a guest, I put some time and effort into choosing a place to stay. There may be a lot of listings, if so, that means I checked a lot before hitting the request button. Leaving me hanging by keeping the request pending is just rude.

As a host, our area has very few listings (typically 42 over a four city expanse) and even fewer at my price point for a private room with a private bathroom (typically 13 to 19 over the four cities.) All but a handful of very new listings are Superhosts, When someone chooses us I am grateful and don’t consider one day to be “too short” a notice.


@Terryathome, you understood my irritation exactly. I did spend a bit of time before choosing that listing. And I did consider the host rude, given her SH status. I would likewise also never treat a guest that way.


Another one here who would find this irritating. This is not couch-surfing! You can’t be so unprofessional on Air these days. How many reviews does this (so-called) Superhost have? I bet it’s little over 10 and she will not last. More proof that the SH badge is a nonsense.


I understand being a little upset, but the reason why a host doesn’t have instant book is so they can vet each booking. She may simply have forgotten to block it off. She could have made other arrangements for her Friday, so didn’t want to take a booking/have time to prepare.

The snip about the spelling is a little petty. Perhaps she was using a mobile, perhaps she’s dyslexic, perhaps not good at spelling.

You found somewhere else you like. So focus on that and looking forward to your night away.


While I would have NEVER responded to a request the way this host did, sometimes, one day notice IS too soon for me.

I have a FT job, and a part time direct sales biz, there have been times I have had situations pop up in either one of those jobs that would prevent me from getting the guest space ready, and I may have neglected to block the date off.

It’s happened to me quite a few times. But I’ve always worded my declines with more eloquence, and based on what information they included in their initial request, I will give advice on things to do/places to eat in the area.

I always apologize and let them know I regret not being able to have them stay, and advise them to look for lodging on ABB. edited to add: I always use the decline button to make it clear. But again, I go above and beyond to be polite.

In fact, I had one guest who contacted me during their stay nearby, thanking me for the advice on things to do, as the host they were staying was a remote host and had no information available. They stayed with me the next summer :slight_smile:


Tumo, sorry you had that experience and no wonder you were annoyed. Most of us would not dream of treating a guest with such discourtesy and sloppiness. Hope you are happy with the booking you made subsequently.


I also think that’s a little rude. Could of been handelnd a lot better, but then again the host really suffers no penalty from his behavior, which is probably why he handled it the way that he did.

That said, I really think the SH is a good idea, but very poorly executed. It means nothing to be a SH. 10 or so bookings, that’s it? Make that a 100…


Airbnb makes this easy with the availability setting and the host should make better use of it. This host should configure her calendar with ample advance notice and preparation time. Easily done and works like a charm.


I would never point out your grammar error except that you are critical of another host’s spelling error. Your sentence should read I requested a one night stay for Friday (tomorrow) night for my husband and me.


I nearly corrected @TuMo but I decided better to leave it alone. But yes, I noticed that too.


As I said; I would never have said anything if @TuMo hadn’t said that he/she wouldn’t stay with a host who made spelling errors.

On the other hand, I appreciate grammar corrections. I welcome constructive criticism.


I am a closet grammar freak and still have to breathe deeply when I see “could of” or “should of” (there are examples of this crime on this very forum, incidentally) but the I/me thing is taking it too far. In my opinion. And there is a sentence that shouldn’t exist. And it started with ‘and’. Shoot me.

I think @TuMo only picked up on it because it added insult to injury which is understandable. The majority of my guests do not have English as their first language so mistakes are immediately forgiven. Hosts are not always native English speakers either, even if they live in an English-speaking country. Either way, it’s the tone and intent that matters and this host failed miserably on both counts.


This is the type of thing that turns people off to Airbnb. A guest spends hours looking for a place, finally finds
one they like at the right price with the calendar open, only to be denied. I would be very irritated unless they apologized profusely for not having their calendar blocked or more than one night minimum setting on. My time is worth something as a guest. Very rude.


Let me just comment on starting a sentence with And or But. This is perfectly acceptable. As are sentence fragments. Maybe not to die-hard, red-pen wielding schoolmarms, but in writing advertising copy, we do it every day. We aim to make copy sound conversational and colloquial. And starting a sentence with And is one way to do that. :rofl::grimacing:Think of all the great ads, the classic ones, that use that device. It’s deliberate and effective.

I once had a bean counter client who hated it when I started a sentence with And. As long as I explained myself and backed up my case, he would let me do it. Sentence fragments are just as effective, helping to break up long copy so it’s not so monotonous. You can even write a one word sentence or one word paragraph if it serves your creative case.


Literary masters learn all the rules first then break them for effect. Hemingway. Fitzgerald. Miller. And Faulkner to name a few of my favorite American authors. Think how dreary our classics would be if every sentence they wrote was the same length or sounded the same because of some rule.

Steps off soapbox.

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