My Airbnb Listing is not showing up on Airbnb (note - I'm a Newbie!)

Hello! We are new to Airbnb. Bought our property in December and I listed it 2 days ago (on 3/21). My listing is not showing up in any search. I’ve been chatting with Airbnb on-line and I just got off the phone with them - they haven’t figured it out yet. They said my listing is showing as active and it’d been over 24hrs so it should be showing up. They aren’t able to get it to come up either. They are working on it and said they’d call me back. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what fixed the problem?

Call them. We can’t help with tech issues.

Other people have had this problem. Maybe try using the search box on this forum to see what people said. Also trying calling Airbnb again. Some CSRs are more knowledgeable and helpful than others .

We can’t help – we’re not AirBnb… but we can and do sympathize…

Thanks for the replies! I realize this is not Airbnb… just thought someone else may have had the same issue and could help me with info on how Airbnb resolved the issue. Airbnb tech support is working on it and is supposed to call me back.