My Airbnb Keyring

As “valuable member of the Airbnb community” and generally being a wonderful person, I have been gifted an Airbnb keyring. In reality it cost me £262, but that’s neither here nor there. I was very excited.

Despite a strict cancellation, I had asked Airbnb to fully refund a Xmas cancellation. The guest had personal circumstances which wouldn’t have been covered by an insurance. Anyway - back to the keyring. My reward.

Parcel turned up today with a thank you card, delivery note and … keyring missing. Gutted.


In all seriousness, contact Airbnb and ask for another one. And please accept from me a sincere thank you for being a wonderful person who has chosen being the member of a community above mere money.


I think I shall ask Airbnb for another one. Thank you - the Xmas dates, most likely, will get booked up, so I’m probably not that wonderful. Perhaps I should have chosen the playing cards instead…


@Cafrin. Ditto. 202020202020202020

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