My Airbnb isn't hurting you: Leave ordinary short-term home renters alone - NY

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Legislation has passed in Boston that is very similar. I am a renter and offer a guest room on Airbnb with the knowledge and consent of my landlord. I won’t be able to do that anymore as of Sept. 2019. I don’t meet any of the issues that these regulations are trying to address. I’m not affecting the rental market at all. I have one small guest room that I rent.

I’m 66 years old. I need this income for both living expenses and medications. Without it I’ve got a problem. A big problem.


I never understood the negativity that was created around Airbnb. The only negative thing that it brought is noise and parties from some guests. These guests are in such minority. Then I heard: police is tired of having called to Airbnbs. This is total nonsense. I am hosting for 3.5 years and only called police once on Michael who never wanted to leave . That can happen in any rental situation , Airbnb or Creigs list or other variations. Cities are paid occupational taxes, guests are tourists who are contributing to economy . And the things they are saying that it influences long term market is total bs as Airbnb doesn’t offer enough units to do it.

It really is a big problem in some places, I’m am in a very safe very developed prominent city and we have some serious Airbnb issues at the moment which will lead to knee jerk reactions. A brand new apartment block went up in the CBD, units sold for over inflamed prices to price out genuine first home buyers like myself and it is virtually all Airbnb, or similar, short term rentals. A mini hotel without rules, security, systems to manage or any responsible owners. It’s become a party crime haven. Imagine the poor genuine renters or owners in there? A 17yo killed a 19yo there last weekend, allegedly.

These problems are real. I’m in the same boat as @duanemitchell but these irresponsible money grabbers and over reacting governments will soon kill the whole thing.

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Wow! Where is this? That is very serious.

Melbourne Australia :australia: ‘most livable city’ he he. 2nd Airbnb Murder in a year, allegedly

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I can’t imagine living in an apartment building with constant parties and crime like that. These hosts who don’t enforce boundaries or rules with guests really hurt the rest of us who are renting out rooms in our homes that we live in.

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Even if its investors why would they be irresponcible and not caring? They invested tons of money and they don’t care? Hard to believe. I would imagine these investors would be even more professional and more caring than homeowners who do it for extra income and have just that one unit. I stayed many years in Airbnbs like that that it was obvious was bought just with that purpose and my experience there that it’s more consistent with quality of services and no surprises like I had with homeowners

There are ski towns near me where a lot of the longer term rentals have moved to AirBnB etc, so the worker bees have few option during the season and are having to pay much higher prices. You hear of a lot of people living in their vehicles and it can get cold.

Longer wouldn’t give such good prices to people who only want to rent for 2-3 months. t’s the season with all the tourists coming in. Why would owners loose money and rent it to someone who is not even staying a year in a hot spot like skiresort. Also let’s remember that people always were renting out their rooms or appartments If they are in touristy areas. It was way before Airbnb came to life. Canadians occupied my town since 1940s during winter and rented room from locals.

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They need to go after these big corporations renting out multiple properties on Airbnb and leave the small homeowner and renter alone. If you live in the property you are renting on Airbnb, that’s not effecting the long term rental market. I wouldn’t be renting long term in the first place


People who rented out longer term now have the ease of renting shorter term, most live elsewhere, the amusing thing is that they complain about the lack of cleaners, not around to do it themselves, the very people who would have otherwise occupied these these types of units.

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I rented a studio smack in middle of Key West in 1986 for 1 year - as soon as we moved out it was converted to a Vacation rental.
Same thing - long before Airbnb.

I’m so terribly sorry that this is happening to you. I feel for you.

I had the same occur when the city I lived and hosted in banned all whole home STRs [of less than thirty days]. Was gutted and had to find an alternate income source, after hosting for seven years, (even before Airbnb).

It was in direct response to a salacious and expensive campaign lobbied by the hotel industry. It was dirty and vicious and the local officials just caved. I know people who had to sell their homes that they’d rented as vacation beach houses for generations.

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This is a hot topic everywhere, especially in Hawaii. Our state government can’t come to an agreement with Airbnb. They want Airbnb to turn over all of the hosts personal info to the state. Airbnb doesn’t want to do that and I don’t blame them. So, the state keeps dragging it’s feet and losing millions in unpaid taxes on illegal BnBs. I am a responsible Airbnb host, and report my taxes, but many don’t.
The other issue is “affordable housing” which doesn’t really exist in Hawaii in most areas. The fact is that rents were already high for most low wage earners, and a lot of other working people. Property owners discovered it was much easier and less risky to do short term rental. The opponents of Airbnb would have you believe that “out of state” owners are buying up all the properties and turning them in to BnBs, then taking all the money they earn out of Hawaii.
This is, of course, ridiculous. Most of us that have a rent-able space live here full-time and also need that extra income.Yes, It’s true that many homes are being taken off the long term rental market, but owners have a right to do what’s best for them. The state gov. and Airbnb opponents want to put the whole blame on property owners, instead of creating affordable housing for those who need it. This story has been going on for years before Airbnb came along. Now they have a new scapegoat to blame their inaction on this issue. The median price of a home in Hawaii is currently $619,000. We are lucky to be able to live here, but most of us do need the extra income to afford it.

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