My airbnb emails have stopped

So - now I am not getting blank messages - none in the past 24 hours. But now I am not receiving ANY emails! I have it set to text and emails for everything. Inquiries, booking, $$ they pay me, etc. And they suddenly stopped. Last one was noon yesterday. I checked all my setting and they are set to send me email.
Anyone else suddenly stop getting the emails?

What emails from them are you expecting? Inquiries? Requests for reviews? Reviews have been submitted?

All of the above. I have every box checked except for the promotional items.
I have got emails with every single thing that touches my messages thread - and suddenly nothing. The advice from airbnb?
"Hi, we want to help. Please try refreshing your cache and cookie files and logging into Airbnb again using the Google Chrome browser. If you still need assistance Please DM us your account email so we can follow up to assist directly."
So - clearing my cache will fix emails being sent? ha. funny.
Apparently it is just me, since no one else is answering. :slight_smile:

@jumroe, I just don’t get that many emails from AirBNB. This morning I received two: a Reservation reminder for a checkin in exactly seven days, and a payout. But, I can go quite a few days without anything from there. In fact, I will not expect another one until Friday with a payout, and then on Saturday for the next reservation reminder.

I think that 7 day reservation reminder would be a good way to see if you are getting emails. [That isn’t wildly clear, but maybe you can figure out what I mean.]

Just a followup.
Today, I am now once again receiving an email for each message I get via airbnb messaging.
I didn’t change a thing - they just once again started.
On Sept 28th I started getting one email when I accepted a booking. "Reservation confirmed - Frank Smith arrives Oct 27"
Now I am getting them again for every message that is sent. “RE: Reservation at My House for Oct 27 - 30, 2017” from Frank(airbnb)
Happy Day!

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