My Airbnb account was closed down!

My Airbnb listing was removed and blocked me from any activities because it says the listing or account is associated with someone who is not allowed to use Airbnb.

My account was reinstated over a year ago and I’ve been hosting fine since then. It was reinstated after I followed their step by step instructions.
Not sure why all of a sudden it was flagged again. I’ve always had 5 star ratings.

Could it be that Airbnb started another computer system and that original flagged incident came back up ? Because I haven’t had any complaints or incidents. I’m

I’m glad that you sorted things out with Airbnb after last time. I think it was in January 2023 you posted here ‘I’m done with Airbnb’.

So yes, it could be that Airbnb have raised their standards and a new computer system reflects this.


Out of nowhere it just said it’s suspended and now account is removed. I called them and 2-3 different assistants couldn’t find out a reason. They had to escalate it. And still pending. I wrote a dispute over the removal. I pray it gets overturned. What can I do if it’s not a good outcome?

Hi everyone,
I am a host of an accommodation with so far get good comments from guests. Suddenly, my account is being permanently closed without any notification from Airbnb.
I’d like to ask to you all of what to do when being informed that the account is being closed. What about some reservations being made or i still can get some new reservations?
How to collect the payments.
Thank you

I’m in the same situation. All of a sudden they suspended then shut down my account saying I’m associated with someone who is not allowed to use Airbnb. From what I know, when this happens you lose all your reservations and can’t use your Host Account.

I’m appealing it right now but haven’t heard back. I’m very concerned.

If you have been closed down, the bookings are cancelled and you don’t get paid.
Any idea what caused this?

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That’s the question isn’t it? The majority of hosts don’t have this happen to them and although we all know that Airbnb can behave in strange ways, it only rarely bans or deletes accounts.

There’s a reason, even if it is erroneous.

I suspect that the first step is figuring out the reason then dealing with that.

But it’s not the end of the world if Airbnb removes a listing. Use another advertising service.

Insanely, Airbnb tends not to tell a host why they have been suspended or banned, being quite vague about it. Like, “Why was I suspended?”
“We had a report.”
“A report about what?”
" We can’t tell you that, that’s private information."

Really? How is a host supposed to know what they supposedly did wrong if they have no idea what they’ve been accused of? So any guest with a bee in their bonnet can “report” a host for something that either did happen or is just a big fat lie, and the host can’t give their side of the story, because they don’t know what the story is!

Eventually, they do seem to give a bit more information, like a guest reported a privacy violation, or cameras, or in the OP’s case, the account was"associated" with someone who’d been banned, but if they won’t tell you who that person is, and the host has no idea who it could be or in what way they are associated with the account, it’s crazy.

We’d all like to think this sort of thing would never happen to us, but who knows? Any of us could get some crazy guest with evil intent who destroys our Airbnb business with some ridiculous claim.

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Same here
Falsely accused and account deleted/deactivated

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