My Airbnb account is hacked!

Hello, since October 22nd my Airbnb account is hacked. Someone has changed my original email address into a new one what I don’t know. Every time that I try to enter my account with the original email address the Airbnb system is telling me that they don’t know the email address! Because of that I can’t get help thru the Airbnb help-desk because I can’t enter it. I have send them many emails who stays un replied and after I found their phone number I have made several phone calls for asking help. Every time they take note and say that they will pass the information to the safety department but until now nothing happens. This situation is already since October 22nd. I have renters to come who I can’t reach anymore. It makes me crazy and nobody from Airbnb is helping me… what more I can do after so many phone calls and emails???

Hi @villadecor,

Have you tried Twitter? It probably won’t help, but it also won’t hurt. Sorry you are having such a bad time. Any idea how the break-in occurred?

Haven’t tried twitter yet and have really no idea how the break-in has occured. I hope with the phonenumbers I’ve found here on AirHostForum I can get in contcat with someone who speak Dutch. This will make it more easy to talk & explain.

Not clear from your post. Are you saying you have called BNB customer service in Holland and told them you are hacked but they won’t help and this has been going on for over a month?

I agree go via Twitter. You can send them a direct message.

Also flag the listing!!! And maybe yourself (the host - as taken over)!

Hello, today after more as 6 weeks there was someone of the Airbnb helpdesk who has taken his responsability and in 1 hour they have solved the problem! Unbelieveble why it has to take so much time to get a solution…

I’m working on a news article for on accounts being hacked and I was hoping to speak with you for the piece. My deadline is today. I’m at (212) 416-3011. Clare Trapasso