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My account & listing were deleted and AirBnB is not helping

My account & listing were deleted and AirBnB is not helping.

There is a case open with their help center but the help center doesn’t actually handle the cases–a third party does. According to AirBnB, that’s where the issue ends with them–they have no knowledge of how long my case will take to be openned, or to be resolved, and frankly they did not know who the case management team were, where they are located, and did not have a phone number for them.

Is there any other action I can take besides waiting?

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Where are you? If in a hotly contested area, such as Berlin, NY or other hot spots, they will just deactivate and then not care because you are no longer a customer. They won’t spend money to service your case.

I’m in Manhattan, NYC :-\


oh… that is why. :frowning:

i guess you will will not be the last one

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Are you one of those who was listing a place or places that you rented? If so, THAT would be why they deleted you. IIRC it is now illegal to do that in NYC.

So sorry, Danny. Cuomo is the culprit.

AirBNB has more on its plate than your listing, Danny. All “entire place” listings in NYC were deleted off AirBNB as new legislation is to kick in on Nov 1. There will be fines of up to $7500 (for repeat offenders) for advertising a rental of less than 30 days in NYC. Renting out private rooms in NYC is still OK and those listings still appear on AirBNB.

Air has waged a lawsuit trying to block the legislation from going into effect but the judges don’t sound sympathetic. This is a huge blow to Air as I believe NYC was one of its biggest markets. I wouldn’t be surprised to see SF move ahead with something similar. Chicago may have its days numbered as well!

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It’s been happening a lot in some major cities where the Airbnb is seen as an evil entity that’s pushing up rent prices. It seems that air are simply deleting certain listings (most notably ‘entire place’ ones) to avert major controversy. All without prior warning to the hosts who may be severely affected by the loss of projected incomes. It’s happened to hosts in London who had otherwise excellent reviews and 5 star ratings. They were just given a throw away explanation - something along the lines of ‘your hosting level is below standard’ - when questioned further, no answers were given. Not cool. There’s a very interesting documentary (if a little biased) called something like ‘Airbnb - dream or nightmare?’ Where some ex-hosts are interviewed… I’ll try and find the link…

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I don’t see Airbnb as evil. I do think people with large property portfolios have no place on the site however and I wish Airbnb would stick to homesharing. If they had they probably wouldn’t be in this situation but I get a lot of money is at stake.

I can still see many apartment available in NY in Airbnb

You might one of the sacrificial lambs that Air has delisted in NYC to show that they are cooperating in NY. From what we know though from other hosts posting about this, they often won’t give you any reason and subsequently stop supporting you with customer service (which costs them money) as you are no longer a customer. Very sorry, especially if you have been doing everything right. Try listing on other platforms?

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