My account is disabled

My account is disabled and I have ongoing reservation and upcoming reservations, which I dont have access to. Airbnb is not responsive at all. Any tips?

Thank you!!!

Call them! You at least need to learn what to do with the existing reservations. Maybe they yanked your account due to local issues, but I would think you need to know if your reservations are cancelled!

Called them like 10 times, twitted at AirBnB help, emailed - NADA!

Do NOT stop – keep calling/tweeting etc until you get an answer to your question. If the first person you talk to can’t help immediately, politely ask to speak to a manager, and keep going until you get a response.

Twitter is usually the best.

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Don’t keep calling. Just hold on !

Don’t hang up for waiting 10 minutes. Once I waited 40 minutes till I can talk to anyone. Call late night time it’s quick to go through.