My account has been deactivated help!

I was sleeping peacefully and I received an email sayin´that a reservation was canceled because wasn’t legit. After a minute or two I received another email sayin´that my account was under investigation and was temporarily suspended. After some minutes I received an email sayin´that all of my reservations were canceled and so my account. And that was a final decision.

I read something about that my guests will receive a notification and they will be fully refunded.

A have a small building with 8 apartments and I also have 5 more listings of places that I own. So airbnb its a good entrance of money to me. Im really scared. I have all my guests on the building right now and don`t know what to do.

Im also traveling with friends next week and I had reservations with my account. We´re going to another country and we depend of those reservations.

I wrote an email to airbnb explaining that all my listings are legit and that I can send my legal information or any documentation they need or a video of the facilities. What else should I do?

Anyone has been on this situation before? What should I do? I really need help…

Why are you emailing them. Call them @Abdiel


Definitely call Airbnb. It’s possible that the emails you received aren’t genuine, Check it out immediately by phone,

You are foolish not to be calling Air.

Seems like you must be doing something wrong. Air is not known to go around shutting down accounts for the fun of it. Are you positive you are within the legal guidelines for the area you are in? Have you had low star ratings? Complaints from previous guests? Bad reviews?

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I called them. But they said that a representative of the trust and safety Department will call me back but I haven’t received any call yet…

My rating is 4.9. And everything is legal. A guest made multiple reservations but seems that he paid with a stolen card… But how can I show that I didn’t do that? Need to solve this ASAP :sweat:

Any update?