My $100 voucher

Handy, appreciated, but I don’t want it to expire, and I may not have an Airbnb holiday anyway. What are the implications of booking my own place, other than I’d get a lousy review?


No implications as you can’t use the voucher to book your own listings :slight_smile:

We normally find somewhere within an hour or so drive, if we don’t have a holiday planned and use the voucher for a weekend away.

It has led to us discovering some local local spots that we now return to.


When does one get the $100 voucher? I’ve been a superhost for one year and still have not received it? By the way, great idea on booking your own place. I think I might do the same, if I receive the voucher.

That’s clever!

Sounds like they won’t let you book your own; perhaps you could book a friend’s place and arrange for them to pay you back.

It’s like your own coupon laundering scheme. :joy:


yes, I’ve just messaged Homosexual Dan, he’s willing.


Have a look at the email they sent you when you got your fourth superhost award it should confirm there that you got the voucher. @Ritz3

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Thanks Helsi! I’ll check it right now.

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Alternatively you could agree with someone else on here who has a voucher to book each other’s places so both get 80% (?) conversion factor ‘money’ from the voucher.


im a superhost and I didnt get a voucher. should i call CS? I want my voucher too.

You don’t need to call them :slight_smile: as I said above you should have got an email notifying you when you had your fourth award.

Clicking ‘check out your bonus’ takes you to…: