Music during the stay

We air two spare rooms in our apartment and I have been reading this forum for some time. This forum is great!

I work from home and it allows me to have flexible time. So, in between work breaks I like to listen to music while cleaning or doing some mindless house chore. Do any of you listen to music while the guests are at home? What are your views on this?

By that I mean listening to music during day hours and periods that I know for sure no guest is asleep since I see them walking around to the bathroom, with their bedroom door open etc.


I’m the same situation. 2 spare rooms in my house. Work from home. Music is fine aslong as you’re not blasting it and have a huge bassy subwoofer. Haha.


Haha, for sure.

I am wondering for those not so mainstream music genres. I am pretty eclectic with my music taste. I can go from Andrea Bocelli, to Jacques Briel, to some rap singer in a minute, depending on my mood or the YouTube random next auto video.

So I was wondering if the music was something not fitted to the guests choice if they would complain about it in a review :sweat:

Well if you’re worried about it. Just ask them. They should understand they are renting a room in someones home. It’s not some fancy hotel. It’s a home. Anyway majority of people won’t care. Especially the younger generation. Older people from experience can sometimes think you’re a hotel or b&b. Haha but I will say it again. It is someones home. :slight_smile:

True thing.
I had someone messaging me once saying ‘I will be arriving at your hotel at xxPM’ . I politely reply that we live in the apartment as a family and we are eager to meet him in our lovely home. :wink:


I think if someone complains about your music in a review, the reader will understand that that is petty.

Of course, just moderate, be thoughtful as you are, and when you see the guest “Is the music to loud for you?” or other.

As @Paul_Janaway says, it’s a home, not a hotel.


Good advice. Thank you

Personally, I use headphones. That way you don’t have to worry about disturbing anybody. Sound travels, and I keep odd hours.


I often use music in the morning or round about evening drinks time (which guests are invited to share) on the terrace to set a mood. However my tastes tend towards baroque music (e.g. Vivaldi) which doesn’t seem to offend anyone! In fact, younger guests often say how much they like it and ask what it is. Anything louder than this, like Faheem I use headphones. And for the cleaning and mindless chore background (and, my, don’t we have a lot of those!) can I recommend Audible audiobooks? Makes me almost look forward to scrubbing the bathroom!


I also use music in the mornings if the guests are eating breakfast and we’re around. I feel like it gives them more of a sense of privacy and seperation. I tend towards classical, bossa nova, or jazz guitar.

Hi @Malagachica,

I like Baroque music too. And if I was going to get woken up by something, I’d rather prefer it was Bach, as opposed to practically any other kind of sound. Though this has never happened. Being woken up by Bach, I mean. Or, indeed, any kind of Western Classical music. Usually people prefer music which involves loud thumping.

Well, Faheem, when you come to Malaga, I promise we’ll wake you up with Bach!

Thanks @Malagachica. I look forward to it. Even though I don’t know where Malaga. Time to hit Google.

Hmm, Andalusia, Spain. Tres scenic.

Headphones, i guess i might have to go with that in weird hours , just the feeling is not the same as listening to music in the open :frowning:

I was considering Audible, but i didnt knkw if the voices narrating are good. Are they worthy it?

Thats a great atmosphere you provide your guests. I would love to have breakfast listening to soothing music. Unfortunately we can’t do that in our apartment as we air 2 private bedrooms and the breakfast area in on the same floor as as everything else and it is open concept. If the guests from one room are having breakfast but the ones in the other room didn’t wake up yet then no music. I certainly would love to do that, would make me in greater mood while cooking too :slight_smile:

Oh yes, absolutely worth it. Although it varies, most of the actors reading the books are excellent at making the voices different, for example. Some are very well known and I often forget that it is, for example, a male actor reading a female character, they are so good.

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Thank you, I will give it a try