Mushroom allergy

We have a long-term guest. She’ll be here until mid-March (not through Airbnb).

We don’t generally allow guests cooking privileges. But for this guest, we do.

It never occurred to me that she’d basically live on cooked mushrooms. I’m allergic to them. Even though I don’t eat the ones she cooks, the smell lingers in the kitchen for hours. We turn on the exhaust fan, another fan, open the skylight, etc. The guest washes the pan and her dishes. We take out the trash. Still lingers. And the smell makes me sick to my stomach.

She’s a vegetarian and is devoted to losing weight. Her secret is mushrooms.

I don’t know what to say to her. We don’t want to lose her as a tenant.

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This is crazy and a shame, I know how happy you were about this slow season booking. Crazy in that we never know what things we haven’t anticipated until they happen. I never even realized they have a strong smell. I honestly don’t see a compromise, it’s a lose-lose situation. I’m interested to see what people with more imagination than I have might suggest.

Oh, but, does she have any idea? If one is going to share their home for weeks it would seem that communication is key?


Thanks. I hope someone will come up with suggestions.

My gosh. And to think that we did an egg bake tonight with Moritaki mushrooms.

I don’t know if any of us have an answer. But, start with a discussion with her and see if together that some consensus can be made.

Perhaps she might be willing to do a Keto veggie diet. It is not clear if she is strict or will eat eggs, cheese, fish?

Perhaps she could do her mushroom cooking in a bulk way so that it is only once a week, etc. Or using an instant pot - to contain the aromas?

We hope things can work out!

Thanks. She eats fish once a week. No dairy or eggs. I know she’s successfully losing weight, and I hate to get in her way. I’ll have to think about how to talk with her.

I think the only thing to do is be honest with her, tell her you have an allergy to mushrooms and ask her how she can work with you on this. There are many, many other food items that she can use to lose weight apart from mushrooms. @RebeccaF

Are you truly, medically allergic to mushrooms, or is it just the smell that’s bothering you? Either way you definitely need to TALK to this guest.

Does she turn on the fans when she cooks? I inferred from your post that you do it after she’s left the kitchen.

This is a stretch, but do you have an outdoor BBQ with elements? A hot plate in the garage?

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@justMandi, we have an outdoor grill, but it’s just a grill. No elements, like on a stove

She does. She turns them off as she leaves the kitchen. I could ask her to leave them on. It still takes hours for the smell to go away, though.

Yes, truly medically allergic.

Then it’s a no brainer @RebeccaF , you need to ask her not to include mushrooms in the food she cooks/has in your home.

Does your BBQ have a burner? can she cook outside?

Mushrooms are what she mainly eats for dinners. It’s her main source of protein. She eats fish only once a week and no dairy or eggs or meat at all. This is the diet that her trainer designed for her. And she doesn’t eat out.

No. Just a small, ordinary charcoal grill outside. And it’s winter here. She thinks it’s nuts when my husband grills out in the winter.

I have an allergy to cinnamon, (airborne and in foods). I have it in my rules that no one is permitted to cook with Cinnamon, use scented products or air fresheners. I know it’s too late for this guest but put it in your rules for the future.

As for what to do know, can you get an air purifier?

I’ve had some success with the charcoal sacks to remove smells.

Another option is an ozone machine but no one can be in the house (including pets) when it runs and for about an hour after. It’s deadly.

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then she’s not going to change this diet. You could reach a compromise like cooking them outside or she might change hosts. If I were her, I’d change hosts.


An air purifier is an interesting idea. Thank you.