Murphy Bed vs Regular Queen?

Hi Everyone!
I am new here and plan on “converting” my spare room in my row house into an Airbnb rental. The room isn’t huge but I feel that a queen bed most likely is best for guests. I’m considering a murphy bed so the room can be more versatile.

As a woman who lives by myself I’m most likely going to be more comfortable with female guests. However, I’d like to get to the point where it could be used for couples if need be.

Any experiences and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Personally I’d rather just have the bed down. Murphy beds always seem to disappoint in the comfort department, almost as bad as hide-a-bed couches.

How do you plan to attract only female guests without getting busted for discrimination? Remember, gender discrimination is against the AirBnb TOS.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure there was a clause for discrimination. I don’t mean to offend anyone or go against Airbnb TOS. Looks like I need to research and get more info!

I thought if it was a home share (spare room) rather than a whole house rental, host could say female only. Is this wrong?

If it is a home share, then you can restrict the gender that you accept legally.

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Murphy beds are really expensive, too, unless you build it yourself. In addition to comfort, I would think about how often you would put it up versus out. If I were staying there I would probably just keep it laid out. So what is the benefit that youʻre getting by being able to put it up, and is it worth the cost?

So appreciate all of your responses!! The benefit of the murphy bed would be to allow guests “more room” when the bed is up. The room is small. It sounds like people go more for comfort in a really nice bed over being able to use the room for other purposes like “yoga” or “doing work at a desk”? I am sharing my house and lovely deck so perhaps that isn’t an issue. Guests will also have their own bathroom that I’m remodeling as well. Currently, I am doing an overhaul of the room: new paint, carpet, etc.

Also good to know that since it’s a house share I can request female only guests legally.

Thanks everyone.

Why not just a sleeper sofa? I’ve bought them used for between $40-100.

But I only rent whole houses and the sleeper sofas or futons only come into play with extra guests.

Yes they are. Since there’s so much renovation going on to make the room guest ready, then I’d avoid the extra expense. All these renovation costs have to be paid for from rental profits, after all.

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We’ve slept on Murphy beds several times - I would prefer a Murphy over a sofa bed any day. The quality of the mattress can be thick and very good. Whereas a sofa bed mattress has to be thin in order to be able to fold up. I’m planning a road trip for 8 people currently and will not consider that a sofa bed is a viable option.

If I were you I would invest in the Murphy bed since it is a small space - it would give more flexibility as you noted. It would be more comfortable for guests who might be staying for multiple days and need the space. You might even find a deal on a used one.

I’m a big fan of used stuff … I’d say a quarter of the furniture in my house now was bought used. I would never offer a paying guest a sofa bed I bought used. Too many concerns about bedbugs or other insects as well as the cleanliness of the mattress and upholstery. I have secondhand used wood furniture in my air room but both beds I’ve had in there were bought new and protected with a mattress cover.

So I made a twin murphy bed and put a nice comfy mattress in there and its cozy as can be. Directions are from Ana White. I was luckiy enough to find the frame for sale on craigslist so I only needed to refinish


I really appreciate this information as I move forward with sharing my home with guests!

Whoa!!! This is amazing. I love how it looks closed. Based on the feedback here…I’m starting to think a murphy bed with a good mattress might be well worth the investment especially for longer term guests. Thanks for sharing!

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Yes. I hear you. Thanks so much for the reply. Bad karma if you don’t offer a new and clean mattress and upholstery.

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This isn’t our only guest bed, this is just an ‘extra’ bed, its also very close ie on the floor, so might not be great for every day use. Sorry I only skimmed your post, but would the murphy be your only bed? My friend got a murphy bed from Costco (looks like a wardrobe) then put a very good mattress on it, we have slept on it for over a week and it was heaven. I think the most important thing is a good a mattress.

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Yes, the murphy bed would be a queen size and the only bed in the lovely but small room. It’s good to know that you actually slept on a murphy bed and I had no idea Costco offered these (I"m going to see what they have online). I agree, the good mattress is a must and I’m assuming you can put a good one that will allow it to fold up. Thanks so much!!!


Yes, we have many times! I believe they got it on, not the store, and it was not cheap, but well worth it. It looks like a very nice wardrobe, and the mattress is just a mid-high end queen, I believe also from costco

At least with a Murphy bed you don’t have to make it up with cover and shams and throw pillows. If I had a Murphey bed it would have clean sheet and the rest of the linens would be stacked up in a pile for the guests to put on the bed. However, down side to that that is you need space to store the linens when the guests can get them. Right? Or am I misunderstanding the functioning of a wall bed?

Good point about the shams etc. I do believe you can leave sheets etc. on the bed when it goes back up. Sure would make things easier. I’m scouring the internet looking at all of the options. I’ve never slept on one before.