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Multiple users access to one account

‘My wife and I have our property listed, and it is all going well.
But we would both like to have access to the account, profile,and
alerts. How can we set it up to be linked to two people with different
names, e mail addresses and mobile phone numbers?’

Call customer service… but honestly? I don’t think it is possible.

When I was in Cambodia on holidays earlier in the year a friend was house sitting and minding airbnb for me. They suspended the account as it was being used in two different countries. Once they re-activated it I just emailed her the details. Nothing happened on the Stayz site though.

I have my husbands text number and my email so we are both notified. Its great fun to be sitting together and he phone chimes, then mine, and we know Oh!! Its a booking!!

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It’s not possible with the way how Air is structured right now. What you can do though, if you are using Gmail, is look for any *@airbnb.com emails and forward it to your partner’s email address. It’s been working well for us.

The other way, if you don’t have Gmail, is to look for the calendar export feature of Airbnb, and import that web url, and share your calendar with your partner to get the reservation info.

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You can add another phone number - not sure if you’ll both get the text messages ?

Thanks Kirsty. I have added a second mobile number to my profile, so we both get text advices. But i would still like my wife to be able to access through the App. But feedback suggest that the database is not set up to handle multiple profiles having access to the same listing…In this day and age should not be hard from a database perspective.

Thanks Tom. I suspected the database is not set up to handle multiple users managing the same listing. But they should change it as I know many couples in this situation. We are our own people with our own e mail addresses (not a shared e mail address, or dreaded Gmail),

can she not log into the app using the same password that you have?
But i would suggest having 1 person in charge, and since you’re married, we already know who is in charge, HER!
Let her handle it.
you could also have emails from airbnb fowarded to her email by setting up a ‘rule’ on your email client.

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I’m only getting text messages from Air if a guest enquires. No emails! Anyone else have this issue?

Hi Buckai!
We as a service provider can help you to download all your availability to one calendar even if it’s a multiple account. And you can have as many accesses as you want to this extra-net. Besides you can share same listing on multiple channels like expedia, air and booking for instance and they will work with the mutual inventory.
Let me know if something like that is going to help.



In answer to the OP, you can now add another host to your account as of a few weeks ago.

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