Multiple Units/Rooms

Hey all, I’ve got two identical units (condos/townhouses) that have the same floor plan, layout, etc. They are literally identical. The units are townhouses. They are private spaces, there are no shared rooms or spaces. They actually have different addresses. Anyone know if it’s possible to set them up (through Airbnb/VRBO) under one listing?

And why would you want to do that? Do you want to rent them together?

No, we don’t want to rent them together. But now that you mention it, perhaps that’s not a bad idea!

you can set up both listings under one host account.


You need two listings so you have two separate calendars.

If you did what you’re proposing, as soon as I booked for this weekend the dates would be blocked off and nobody would be able to see that you had a second listing available to book.

What you should do is create an “A” and “B” listings with identical photos and info. I’d keep an eye on how the calendar fills so you can move a guest from one listing to the other. (Like if “A” calendar books Friday-Sunday and “B” calendar gets a reservation for Sunday-Thursday, you might move them to “A” so “B” is available for a longer stay, KWIM? You can do this easily with “modify reservation” and select the other property)

You could also do a third listing that includes both listings. If you do that, be sure to synch your calendars.


Thank you, Allison! I think I’m going to have to put something like this together. But I really like your idea of having that third listing that includes both places. That might work out very well here. The idea is so freaking simple! Wish I could take credit for it!

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Good info! How would I set up an “A” listing and a “B” listing? Would that be on one listing page? I have the same thing— 2 condos, identical except for slightly different floor plans & would like to only have one page since neither one is available all the time. I feel like I could keep up with it better!