Multiple rooms - fee structure

We have two double rooms. Am I missing something? We want to rent to between 1 to 4 people at a time where they are a group. I.E we don’t want two sets of Guests who do not know each other an in any case if one couple books the days are blocked out. Ok if one person books, they pay the room rate and we now allow 2 for the same price but the expectation is that they will be in the same bed. However we find that one cannot make this expectation clear in the pricing system? We have had a case already where the guests wanted separate roo
ms so the second room was rented for the Plus extra person rate (at that time we had an extra rate after one person never thinking they would demand a second room). Now we have a higher rate “after 2 guests” but this extra persons rate even X 2 is still lower than a whole room. If we jack it higher it looks to be a real turn off to prospective guests. But naturally for say 3 people, they occupy another room and double bed which creates mega washing for a minimum fee. If we were to make it a whole room rate after 2 people a 3rd person finds it too costly and all 3 wont book it. Seems to us that the fee structure is inadequate?.
Is there any option to price by room like; room 1 up to 2 people $xxx, same party extra room $yyyy up to 2 people. Actually we also have a single room which has a few advantages over the double rooms like own entrance own bathroom etc too. We will rent that but not that AND the two double rooms at the same time - how do you price that when you can’t detail per room? Seems to me that AirBnB assumes one room and that’s about it - but as I say, maybe I am missing something? Graeme

You just need to update your description to explain that guests booking for 2 are expected to share one room. If the second room is required it will be charged at the 4 person rate (or whatever rate you choose).

You’ll then need to send the correct price via a special offer.

No you can’t automate it so I hope you’re not on instant book.

I have two bedrooms, each with it’s own bath. I have 3 listings. One for one BR suite, one for the 2nd BR suite (these two with max occupancy of 2) and a third listing for both rooms, total occupancy 4, with the price being the total of the single rooms added together.

Thanks for the reply Chloe and others

I thought of separate listings and special offers. We really don’t want to muck around with offers and also do not want to manage more than one site. Also we don’t really want more than one set of people known to each other in the house at the same time. Also I thought I saw in the terms and conditions something about not having duplicate listing for the same place but maybe not. Anyway, we have found that people book our place because we offer two rooms but at full rates per room I am not sure that would be attractive. Theoretically that is how it should be I guess but it is now pretty competitive out there so given the limitations of the AirBnB pricing abilities I think we will stay at a room for two at the same price as a room for one (but would rather have a small surcharge given we provide breakfast) and then a fairly hefty charge for “after 2 guests” meaning more than 1 room. But for the life of me I cannot see why the pricing structure cannot be per room rather than the current room rate and extra guess basis which is too simplistic. For us some sort of pricing table would be helpful - perhaps something like below (numbers are example only):

Guests simply choose an option from the table below or maybe don’t show the table but the system asks how many on party and number rooms needed ( elsewhere in the site having made clear the beds are double beds, separate beds etc) - and the guests gets an offer to suit the number of people and the number rooms desired.

Say the party is 1 rooms required = 1 – well normally !

Price = Room 3 $45 for 1 person (uses our single-bed room)

Or party = 2 rooms required = 1

Price = Room 1 double bed, 2 people $60

Or party = 2 rooms required = 2

Price = Room 1 double bed 1 person $50

Price = Room 2 double bed 1 person $38 but obviously could make it whatever you want

Or party = 3 rooms required = 2

Price = Room 1 double bed, 2 people $60

Price = Room 2 double bed 1 person $38

Or party = 3 rooms required = 3

Price = No offer as cannot do this as we do not rent all 3 rooms at once

Or party = 4 rooms required = 2

Price = Room 1 double bed, 2 people $60

Price = Room 2 double bed 2 people $48

I suppose I am making life too complicated ….!