Multiple Properties?

Hi - Just wondering what’s the best route to advertise Multiple Properties. I have 2 properties to list. Should I list them with 2 different accounts or under 1 account??

Both properties are very different and have very different rates/day btw.

Just wondering if anyone has input on this??

Is there any pro’s/cons of listing under one account or two different accounts??


Personally I would have just one account. I look after another account (a neighbour) in addition to our own so am running two accounts. Hopefully someone here will correct me if I’m wrong but I can only use the app to get notifications for one account.

This means that with our own account - the one that is our own rental - I can respond to guests quickly no matter where I am when I get a notification. With the other account, I have to log out, then log back in under the other account. It might just be me being muddled but I find that confusing and inconvenient.

Another advantage I think is that reviews from both properties will show up in your user profile.

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I have multiple properties on one account and it is much easier that way IMO. I have also had people find my other places through my account (if one they originally wanted was already booked, etc).

We have one account - apart from the obvious benefit of ease of use, one account allows you to offer a prospective guest one of your other properties via the inbox messages if you think it would be a better fit for their needs.

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Add your main account as “additional host” to the other account. Then you can also manage the other accounts’ properties from your main account. Reviews for the other account will neither show up nor count on your main account.

Thanks Tom! The two accounts use different banks because one is our own rental and the other is a neighbour’s that I just manage. So will that still be possible?

There is much concern from various interest groups, including tax regulators regarding hosts having single listings or multiple listings. Having multiple listings may mean you become subject to different regulations and be considered a commercial venture (versus someone just making a little extra cash), depending on your location.

Use just one account. The app will only allow one user. My son used my app on my iphone and now it thinks I am him. I have deleted and reinstalled the program THREE times, but still only his account shows up on app. So apparently now I am stuch with using phone internet rather than an app until I buy a new phone. Frustrating!!

You can log out on the app, and re log in with your own account.

Couldn’t your neighbor just add you as a cohost to his/her account? My husband actually is the one that “owns” our listing. I added myself as a cohost so that I would get the notifications etc. I don’t have access to some financial stats as cohost (can’t remember what exactly as it’s been a while since I logged in under him) , and it tells me I’m not meeting super host requirements (even though we are under him) but otherwise I can do everything else (change prices, anything about the listing, accept decline, etc.). It works great so I’m assuming you would still get all your own listing stuff plus the other.

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I have attended a small presentation about new co-host feature in last Airbnb Open in Los Angeles and the air team has explained this feature exactly for your situation.

If you neighbour invites you as a co-host to his/her listing, you will be able to get all of the notifications via your Airbnb App, while your neighbour will have the full control of his payout methods and other details.

Airbnb also suggests that guests should better know who are they dealing with so they won’t be any trust issues. For example if you answer a message as a co-host, guests will see your profile as responder with an explanation that you are helping your neighbour with hosting.

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