Multiple mistaken locations in georgia

i’m a host in atlanta, and i’ve got to travel, so i’m looking for an airbnb in southern georgia, and there are almost a hundred listings that are obviously sited in georgia, the country next to russia. most of the verbiage is in cyrilic. but they all show up as being in our part of the woods.

so how do i let airbnb know this? i can’t find any place to contact them for other than emergencies, and this is probably only an emergency to hosts in tiblisi.

I think that the best you can do is flag the listing with a reason.

I would call airbnb. I had very positive results when I had a problem and found the folks that I spoke with very helpful and responsive.

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there are dozens of listings in the area, mostly russian.

here is the listing reference

basically southeast of macon there’s a whole cluster of russian houses listed.

Try “Georgia, United States”, then zoom in on the map.

Twitter gets you the best response for Airbnb.

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i’d be very happy if you would try georgia, united states, and then zoom in to middle georgia. maybe it’s just my computer that’s giving this error, or maybe you’ll see it when you try. thanks

i’m sorry, i’m not sure what you mean. i don’t use twitter, so i don’t know.

Oh, those listing are there, just south of Macon which isn’t a part of the country that has a great fondness for Russians. I showed my husband, native of that area, and he just laughed and laughed. Then he remembered that Travelocity ad about ending up in Athens, Georgia instead of Athens, Greece, and laughed some more. Poor Georgia.

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i did call airbnb, had a lovely chat with someone in colorado. i reported the issue and led her to the problem on the map. she was completely boggled by the hundred-some-odd russian listings in whitebread georgia usa, and created a ticket. what fun! i love troubleshooting.

thanks for all the advice.

yes, i was quite bemused to see skyscrapers and seaviews in the middle of nowhere, georgia

I suspect that the BBQ in Macon Georgia however is far superior to that of on the Crimea


No, you’re correct, it’s a hot mess.

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